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Zap out acne scars, red and brown spots, and small birthmarks with the V Beam laser

z beam laser

Zap out acne scars, red and brown spots, and small birthmarks with the V Beam laser

V Beam Laser is a non-invasive treatment can even out your complexion and help minimize fine lines and wrinkles at the same time. The Clifford Clinic answers frequently asked questions.

How does the V beam laser work?

This is a pulsed dye laser. It emits short bursts of light (“pulses”) while the dye creates different colors of beams, which are then able to target blood vessels or pigmentation. For example, yellow light is used for blood vessels found in the dermis. Your doctor will change the settings depending on your skin concern.

What can the V beam laser treat?

This powerful laser has been used to treat acne scars, freckles, broken capillaries, spider veins, pink moles, birthmarks, rosacea, and wrinkles. It is very effective for treating small, sensitive areas like acne spots round the nose and chin. It also gives the additional skincare benefit of reducing wrinkles.

Is the V beam laser safe?

It is certified safe and gentle on all skin types, and has even been used by doctors to treat vascular abnormalities in babies. However, it is usually used for people with pale to olive skin, because very dark skin tones contain high levels of melanin which block the wavelengths.

However, the V beam laser is not recommended during pregnancy or people who are taking blood thinners. The Clifford Clinic will always consider your medical history before recommending any treatment.

Is the V beam laser treatment painful?

The Clifford Clinic uses a V beam machine that is known to be less painful than other vascular laser systems. A dynamic cooling device sprays a fine liquid mist on your skin so it cools down after every pulse. Patients describe the pulses as “little snaps on the skin” and “tingling”. The discomfort is mild, but you can also ask for a numbing cream.

How long will the treatment take?

It depends on your skin concern, but in most cases a V beam laser session will be finished in thirty minutes.

What are the side effects and downtime?

Your skin will feel warm and look slightly red and swollen, but this usually subsides within a few hours. You may have some bruising at the area around the treatment which will last a few days. It is also common for pigmentation areas to appear a little darker until the new, healthy skin surfaces (this should take a few days to a week).

Because of the minimal downtime and side effects, you can quickly return to your daily routine. However, avoid sun exposure and abrasive skincare in the first few days. The Clifford Clinic will give you further guidelines on how to care for your skin after a laser treatment.

Always get V beam laser treatments from an expert!

Laser treatments are best administered by aesthetic doctors and dermatologists who know what settings to use for specific skin conditions. Get a personal consultation at the Clifford Clinic, and learn more about what the V beam laser, the history of successful cases, and other skincare programs that will suit your concern.

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