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What’s the best laser treatment for spots and blemishes?

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What’s the best laser treatment for spots and blemishes?

Sun spots, age spots, freckles, acne marks All these skin problems boil down to one thing: pigmentation. The skin cells have a high amount of melanin. If you want to remove the blemish, you have to break down the pigments. That’s where the Q-switch laser comes in.

Zap away the spots and blemishes

Lasers have very concentrated and focused heat energy. It’s limited to a very narrow range of wavelengths. This means that it can have no effect on some substances, but break down others. Lasers can also be set to target different layers of the skin.

Laser treatments help treat spots and blemishes by melting the melanin in the targeted cells. Before, people were worried that the continuous heat from the lasers would destroy the surrounding skin tissue. But things have changed!

The Clifford Clinic uses a very special and powerful machine called the Q-switch laser, which releases energy in very short, targeted bursts. Each laser energy pulse lasts just a billionth of a second – just enough to release the skin pigment without damaging the skin cells.

The experienced, highly trained doctors also know exactly the right frequency for your skin concern. For example, there is one setting that helps fade acne marks, and another that can vaporize tattoo ink.

What kind of blemishes can Q-switch lasers treat?

Powerful pulsed lasers are best for treating a few isolated and very pigmented spots. The size of the spot doesn’t matter: the Q-switch can help break down a small acne mark or a larger birthmark. It can also lighten sun spots on the chest, arms and back.  It an also treat marks left behind by acne breakouts.

Can this laser treatment be used for whitening or brightening?

No. The Q-switch laser breaks down very concentrated spots. If you have an uneven complexion or very diffused spots all over your face, The Clifford Clinic can recommend other treatments for you.

 Will the laser treatment hurt?

Many people describe the lasers as little hot dots on your skin. Your discomfort will be alleviated by a steady stream of cold air that keeps your skin temperature down.

In some cases, the skin may still feel warm for a few minutes up to a few hours after the treatment. It is not painful – it is just like the sensation of having a lukewarm towel pressed against your face! Just avoid the sun and harsh products that can irritate the skin.

 How many laser treatments will I need?

This depends on the size and the pigmentation of the area being treated. In general one session can remove about 75% to 100% of a typical brown spot.

 What are the precautions and risks?

In some cases, a red or brown spot may appear on the area. However this usually fades very quickly. Infection and irritation is quite rare, and can be avoided by the right skincare and sun protection. Your Clifford Clinic team will tell you what you need to do after the treatment.

To learn more about the Q-switched laser, call The Clifford Clinic at +65 6532 2400 or visit us at 24 Raffles Place, #01-03 Clifford Centre, Clifford Centre, Singapore 048621.

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