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Wake Up with a V-Line

Wake up with V-Line

Wake Up with a V-Line

Thanks to these treatments, you can look feminine every day even without makeup

“V-line” is a fairly new term that’s been used in recent years and is attributed to the rise of Korean beauty aesthetic. The much-desired face shape is as it is named—a narrow jawline that leads to a pointy chin, resembling the letter V. This shape is often believed to appear feminine and is also popular among Chinese women as well. Many makeup products around Asia promote how women can get the V-line face shape through cosmetics.

However for those who are looking to have a semi-permanent V-line whether they just woke up or are just about to go to bed, opting for a treatment might be the most convenient for you. What are some of the choices?

  1. Botox

    Botox can help you get that V-line and it is not just used for wrinkles. Because it is a muscle relaxant, injecting Botox to particular points in your jaw will relax the muscles, therefore causing the shape of your jaw to decrease and become slimmer. The only pain you might feel in this treatment is a possible soreness around the jawline, which will eventually resolve itself and can be remedied with an ice pack. There is no anesthesia needed for Botox, however if requested, can be done via a topical anesthesia.A slight swelling may occur post treatment, but only for a few hours and results are already evident three to five days after the procedure. As with all of Clifford Clinic’s treatments, we would like to tailor fit depending on your needs and desired result and some may require additional treatments after the first Botox session.

    The results last for six months with a touch up treatment and studies have shown that when it is done four times a year for two to three years, the targeted muscles will weaken permanently and less amount of Botox will be required for succeeding treatments. As with most of our treatments, it only takes 10 minutes and there is no down time. Your daily commute to and from work could take even longer! Or perhaps the amount of time it takes to daily apply makeup to achieve a V-line.


    Imagine if there was an injectable that could be administered to your body that would eat away at the fat—wouldn’t that be a dream? Today, it isn’t just a dream, it’s a reality you can avail of. The KYBELLA® is an FDA-approved non-surgical injectable that contains a naturally occurring molecule that eats away at fat. It is the treatment to try especially if you’re not comfortable with the idea of V-line face surgery. KYBELLA® is an outpatient procedure that is quick, painless, has minimum downtime, and yes, permanent. Because once that fat cells are destroyed, it can no longer store or accumulate fat so there is no need for a retreatment. Each treatment takes no more than 15 minutes and only two to three visits, spaced a month a part, is all you need to get that V-line.

    KYBELLA® has been extensively tested in more than 20 clinical studies with 2,600 participants worldwide and more than 70% have reported physical and emotional improvement after the treatment.

  3. Silhouette Threadlift

    If you want to keep your V-line for 1-2 years, try Silhouette Threadlift. It is a minimally invasive procedure that inserts a dissolvable thread in the subcutaneous fat layer just beneath the skin which creates the lift. It can also be done in your cheekbone area, brow, apart from your jowls and upper neck. The Silhouette Threadlift is today’s less invasive alternative to a face lift and generally there is little swelling in patients. Most patients can return to work and social appointments soon after. The procedure takes about only an hour to complete and is done under a local anesthesia. Quite the popular treatment, the Silhouette Threadlift is being performed in 55 countries worldwide.

  4. Fillers

    While this procedure is often thought of for filling areas that lack volume over time, like the cheeks, lips, or nose, it can also be used to slim down a round face. The filler is an injectable made of Hyaluronic Gel, a protein that is also naturally made by our body and will be completely recycled by our body through time. Clifford Clinic only uses the latest versions of Juvederm and Restylane, which has a pain relieving formulation and is much less painful than previous fillers. This is a painless procedure that has no downtime, and the procedure is only around 30 minutes. Opting for a chin filler will, one of the most popular fillers, will give you a sharper jaw line.

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