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Hair Transplant Singapore – Frequently Asked Questions

Ready to do your Hair Transplant in Singapore? Here are some Frequently Asked Questions that you need to know the answers to.

Hair transplantation is a microsurgical procedure to move hair from the back and sides of the head to balding areas of the head that need it more.  It is usually used for hairline restoration and restoration of the missing hair volume on the top of the head.

Hair transplantation works by bringing good hairs from the back and sides of the head, including the roots, to the areas of the head that need it most.  When a person balds, he or she loses hair predominantly on the frontal hairline and top of the head.  Other types of hair loss are also common.  When we do a hair transplant, we will look for good hairs on the sides and back of the head.  These hairs are less susceptible to dropping.  We will then move the roots of these hairs to the areas that are thinning.

The entire procedure takes about 4-8 hours depending on the number of grafts needed.  On average, a 2000 graft case takes about 8 hours to complete and a 1000 graft case about 5 hours.

You will need to go home with a bandage on the back of your head. After the first day, the bandage can be removed. There will be minimal swelling on the forehead and back of the head. This swelling can last for a few days. Sometimes you will also experience some puffiness around the eyes for about 2-3 days. If you are doing less grafts, you will have less downtime and swelling. Bruising is not common. Cases of 300 grafts can be done with almost no downtime at all.

Hair will start to grow immediately, and become thicker by about 3 months.  Usually by 6 months after the procedure, good thickness can be achieved. In some cases it takes about 9-12 months to achieve maximal hair thickness.

We will harvest good hairs from the areas that don’t drop easily. These hairs are considered quite permanent.  However, we can’t guarantee that these hairs will never drop of course…

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Male pattern and female pattern hair loss is a progressive disease.  This means that the hairline and crown will continue to lose hairs.  The hair that has been transplanted are stronger hairs, and these won’t drop easily…  However, the existing hairs that are weaker and more susceptible to hormone damage will still continue to fall.  Therefore, we recommend that you can go for our Clifford Clinic Hair Care program to maintain these hairs. In this program, we will use medication, shampoo, tonics, and hair treatments to strengthen the existing hairs.  After a Hair Transplant Singapore patients usually find trouble with the hot weather.  Using the appropriate products is necessary to ensure that your grafts stay healthy!

Hair Transplantation costs $5.00 per graft for FUE for a 1500 graft case.  On average 1000-2000 grafts are necessary to achieve a good result.  The price is dependent on the number of grafts required for the individual case.

On average 80-90% of transplanted hairs will grow.  There are exceptions where transplanted hair does not grow.  These could be for various reasons such as the health status of the patient, poor blood supply or poor healing and infection.

After a Hair Transplant, you should be able to get back to work the next day, or after 2-3 days, depending on the type of case done.  With our latest No-Downtime Hair Transplant Technique, we can allow you to get back to work the very next day after a hair transplant, without and obvious signs of you having done a hair transplant.   For cases that require more extensive restoration, an estimated downtime of 2-3 days is necessary.

About one week after your hair transplant surgery, you can go back to your normal haircare products, once cleared by the doctor.

The commonest complications are infection of the grafts, which looks like small pimples. Failure of the grafts to grow is the biggest fear. This can be due to many factors, including patient factors like poor scalp oxygenation or smoking, or surgeon factors like poor technique. However, complications are usually rare. It’s important to know these three important things about hair transplant though. Most doctors will not tell you these 3 essential things about hair transplantation.

Most people are suitable for hair transplant, because it is a minimally invasive procedure which doesn’t cause much complications.  However, if your hair loss is due to different medical reasons, you may not be the ideal candidate for a hair transplant.  To find out if you are suitable for a hair transplant, please contact our doctor at 65322400 for a consult. Hair Transplant Singapore call now!

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