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The Dreaded Cystic Acne, What Is It And How We Can Help

The Dreaded Cystic Acne, What Is It And How We Can Help

The Dreaded Cystic Acne, What Is It And How We Can Help

For as far as much as we can mostly remember, we have all had the misfortune of being affected by the bane that is acne. Whilst acne can be seen as common, and, at the best of times, a rite of passage, cystic acne takes on a markedly more significant role and is often painful and unsightly. At The Clifford Clinic, we are renowned for our plethora of acne and acne scar treatments, and our doctors are here to alleviate your concerns when it comes to the treatment of even the most stubborn acne.

As previously mentioned, most adults experience some form of acne at some point during their lives. Cystic acne is a form of acne that is a considerably more painful version of acne and pimples.

How does cystic acne form?

Cystic acne is recognised as an extremely severe type of acne. Cysts are essentially sacs of tissue that contain oil, air, or other substances. Cysts can grow almost anywhere in your body or under your skin. Whilst there are multiple forms, cystic acne is essentially non-cancerous or benign.

Cystic acne forms deep underneath your skin. This results from the combination of oil, bacteria, and dry skin cells that get trapped in our pores.

When your pores become blocked, oil collects in the pores and becomes a petri dish for bacteria to grow. This, in turn, causes infection and inflammation, leading to pus formation. When cystic acne occurs, the body’s immune system is too strong, which is why patients might notice more pus as well.

However, the stubborn and painful bumps and growths won’t go away on their own without treatment from a proper dermatologist.

What does the treatment for cystic acne entail?

At The Clifford Clinic, we take a four-pronged approach to the treatment of cystic acne, and they are:

  • Oral Therapy

Our team advocates the usage of oral antibiotics. They work in tandem and quickly to help keep the inflammation under control. Though antibiotics are effective, they bring with themselves a certain degree of risk in the form of side effects that can fluctuate between mild to severe symptoms and is to be paid attention to closely. For the best possible impact, it is always advisable to use antibiotics in conjunction with the advice of a qualified dermatologist.

  • Pore Treatment

When acne keeps happening, our pores can become damaged. Recurrent acne will result in clogged pores that begin a vicious cycle of acne reoccurrence.

The Clifford Clinic, as always, has an ace up its sleeve. In this case, we offer our clients our previously covered AGNES treatment. The AGNES treatment reduces oil secretion, which makes the reoccurrence of pimples and enlarged pores. With reduced pores, you would drastically reduce your chance of pimple and acne development,

  • Skincare And Facials

With our bespoke treatments, as one of the best aesthetic clinics, The Clifford Clinic also offers clients multiple options with an array of our in-house skincare treatments. With our Alphalight PDT treatments, we can help our clients reduce the clogging of pores, and in turn, it will help in the growth of pimples and the clarity of the skin.

  • Lasers

We have a wide array of lasers as a means of treatment for the different skin conditions in this case cystic acne. Lasers can destroy bacteria to lessen inflammation, reduce puffiness and minimise the all-around discomfort.

The following are four different laser treatments that we can help you with when it comes to your skin issues.

  • Gold PTT

Designed to address facial acne in four steps,The Gold PTT treatment is unique. It focuses on Facial Cleansing; the implementation of Bellasonic Ultrasound to pulse the gold particles into the oil glands.These treatments are meant to heat up the gold and the oil glands.

With treatments lasting between 30-45 minutes, we start you off by cleaning your face way before our experts begin to influx the gold nanoparticles into your skin to penetrate your pores and follicles. Your skin will then will be massaged before we begin our laser application. This unique treatment will rid you of excessive oil and clog pores so that acne is further staved away. With under a month of treatment time and practically no downtime, you can be assured that this is a treatment that you will want to explore!

  • Q Switch

One of the most popular forms of treatment in Singapore, our Q Switch laser treatment is utilised to aid in the removal of unwanted spots and targets affected areas effectively such as sun freckles, acne scars and age spots.

The Q Switch is a non-invasive high-energy laser pulse at a specific wavelength on the targeted area. The pigments are broken down into smaller fragments to be absorbed by the skin, before being naturally cleared away by the body.

Another benefit and draw towards the Q Switch is that the 75-100% reduction of spots on one’s skin. This form of laser treatment boosts the production of collagen that helps you boost the elasticity and firmness of the skin.

With next to no downtime, the Q Switch laser treatment also represents a bigger draw as post-treatment recovery is about an hour, so it will definitely not put a dent into our daily lives.

  • V Beam Laser Treatment

FDA approved, the V Beam Laser Treatment is one that is widely accepted as a  revolutionary form of skin reviving and rejuvenation. It has a pulsed-dye laser that is not only a safe treatment for vascular, pigmented and certain non-pigmented lesions but also with a low incidence of side effects.

This treatment is a pulsed-dye laser that takes place with a slightly intense but gentle burst of light pulses onto the skin. The longer pulse delivers laser energy to selectively targeted blood vessels without adversely affecting the surrounding tissue. These vessels are gradually absorbed back into our bodies.

Another upside for this treatment is that it requires no surgery and as such, it is highly safe. The skin is protected by a cooling liquid, making it a comfortable and viable option for treatment.

A truly groundbreaking treatment,  we take an unconventional route when it comes to the treatment of pimples. As previously written cystic acne treatment requires a  slightly different approach and it is recommended that a dermatologist is consulted as to the negative effects that it may pose. These include deep local soft tissue infection, ice pick scars and it spreads to the surrounding follicles of the skin (acne conglobata).

With the reduction of bacteria, we are able to make your skin feel better and look smoother. There isn’t a doubt in our mind that with this treatment, we can help you attain the skin you so crave.

A clearer complexion, a more confident and assured you with The Clifford Clinic

While searching for an aesthetic clinic to help you address your skin problems, you can rest assured that you never make a misstep when choosing us here at The Clifford Clinic. With our tailor-made approach, you can be assured that you will get the best results – you and your skin deserve it, so don’t hesitate and contact us to book an appointment today!