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The 4 Fundamentals of Any Great Basic Skincare Routine

The 4 Fundamentals of Any Great Basic Skincare Routine

The 4 Fundamentals of Any Great Basic Skincare Routine

The face and facial skin are the first factors to be observed when people look at us. In contrast to different body regions, the facial pores and skin are uncovered to the environment, therefore, are easily damaged through sun exposure, chemical compounds, and pollutants. Looking after our facial skin is essential to stay beautiful and to keep away from multiplied symptoms of ageing, blemishes, or acne.

Most people have been implementing the skincare routine they first discovered in their developing years. They discovered an over-the-counter product that worked and adhered to the product believing that it was sufficient. However, our pores and skin adjust and change as we grow older. They may need more than an average product to hold up that clear, younger-looking skin.

An excellent skincare routine contains 4 steps. Building a strong foundation and diligence are needed to successfully maintain a regular skincare routine that is substantial. Cleansing the face each day of the daily dirt and grime to keep the facial skin in good condition is insufficient. The crucial alternative steps preserve the skin looking young, vibrant, healthy.

1. Cleansing

Cleansing the face is an essential step that should be done every day and is the first step in curating a skincare routine. It is crucial to cleanse the skin at least once a day to remove any dirt, dust, grime, grease, and oil from the skin. In this manner, the skin remains fresh, hydrated, and supple throughout the day and night.

To efficiently cleanse the face, wet your face and apply a good facial cleanser on the face and neck. Using an upwards motion, massage the cleanser gently onto the skin. Proceed to rinse and pat gently with a soft towel or washcloth.

2. Toning

Toners are often available in the form of liquid or wipes. It gently refreshes the skin without stripping its natural moisture and removes any residue of grease, dirt, or leftover products present on the face. Its gentle properties indicate that it is suitable for sensitive skin and does not cause any dryness or irritations.

Toner also prepares the skin for moisturizers or other skin treatments applied after the step. It is possible to incorporate a toner in your skincare routine though a good rule is to use it only once a day, either in the morning or evening.

3. Exfoliating

Exfoliation is essential in any skincare regiment but must not be performed daily. It is recommended that it be implemented once a week to remove dead skin cells from the outer layers of the skin. It is the practice of speeding up the body’s natural exfoliation process.

It is crucial as the build-up of dead skin cells can block pores, thus causing acne on the skin. When exfoliation is incorporated promptly and adequately, it can reduce the appearance of acne.

Exfoliation mustn’t be done too often as it may become harmful to the skin. The natural process of skin replenishment takes about 3 to 4 weeks. Therefore, frequent exfoliation of new skin cells may result in damage to the skin.

4. Moisturizing

Moisturizing is the essential step in any skincare routine. It prevents the skin from drying out, thus reducing wrinkles or cracks and keeping the skin radiant and healthy. Water is vital for skin cells, and dehydrated skin may result in increased cell death.

The application of moisturizer should be done when the skin is damp because that is when the pores are open. It is beneficial to leave some product on the skin to obtain the full effect for your skin.

It is recommended to moisturize every morning and evening and the moment the skin feels dry. To prevent skin irritation, ensure that the moisturizer does not contain any harmful ingredients or fragrances.

Take charge of your skincare routine @ The Clifford Clinic

It is advised to use products recommended for your skin type and test any new products on the forearm to oversee any irritation. Skincare products that are derived from natural ingredients should be incorporated for all skincare concerns, as they generally avoid harsh chemicals that may cause skin irritation and breakouts that require acne treatment.

However, some consumers may find that despite religiously following a skincare routine, their skin is still lacking in some aspects. The doctors at Clifford Clinic work to improve your skin and bring it to its best state.

Our HydraFacial treatment, for example, can be incorporated into your monthly skincare routine to achieve softer, smoother, and clearer-looking skin. It uses a first-class patented technology to clear pores, extract blackheads and whiteheads, and hydrate the skin through a quick and painless process.

In addition, our Fractional CO2 treatment can be complemented along with the HydraFacial treatment. This laser treatment improves skin texture, acne scars, fine lines, and wrinkles by accelerating the skin’s collagen renewal process.

There are other similar treatments available at The Clifford Clinic that target skin concerns, such as subcision acne scar treatment, Dermaplaning, Fraxel Dual, Infini RF, Secret RF, and many others. Head on to our website to browse through our treatments or book an appointment at The Clifford Clinic to start planning your skincare journey with us today.