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5 Benefits of Thermage

Is your skin starting to sag and lose its firmness? Are you starting to see fine lines around the eyes? Do you feel that your cheeks and jawline have lost some of its definition? Then you may want to consider Thermage. Thermage is a popular skin tightening treatment in Singapore and around the world. Magazine […]

Clifford Edge Fractional CO2

Fight deep acne scars and wrinkles with this 10 minute laser treatment. Bothered by acne or chicken pox scars? Starting to see fine lines and wrinkles? The Edge Fractional CO2 laser can make your skin smooth, firm and flawless once again. The story behind the “bumps” Collagen is a protein in our skin that keeps […]
Adult Acne

Treat and prevent adult acne

More than half of women get adult acne in their twenties, and nearly 40% get it in their 30s. So why are the pimples of our teen years coming back to haunt us? And what’s the best way for us to prevent and treat adult acne? Causes of adult acne No matter what age you […]