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How to Remove Eye Bags

Nobody likes eye bags. Eye bags make us appear lethargic and older than we really are. And way too often, eye bags just don’t get better with either sleep or diet and may even get worse as one ages. At The Clifford Clinic, we present the surgical and non-surgical eye bag treatments to address your […]

Is Eye Bag Removal Permanent?

Eye bags are a very common problem in the present society, as the fast-paced lifestyle accelerates aging processes which promote their formation. Fortunately, eye bag removal procedures are well-established, from surgical approaches like the scarless eye bag removal surgery to non-surgical approaches like AGNES and Secret RF. However, many people are concerned about the longevity […]

Should I remove my eye bags surgically or non-surgically?

Eye bags are practically synonymous with the tired look caused by an aging face. The face pace of living and generally high stress levels have accelerated the natural aging processes in many people, and more people are now suffering from eye bags. Fortunately, they are a common problem and eye bag removal procedures are well-established, […]