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What Kinds of Lasers Are There in Acne Treatment?

There are several laser wavelengths that have been used in the treatment of acne, including: Pulsed-dye laser (PDL): This laser uses a wavelength of 585-595 nm and is absorbed by the blood vessels in the skin. It is used to treat the redness and inflammation associated with acne. Blue light: This laser uses a wavelength […]
A Thorough Analysis of Acne Causes and Acne Scars Treatments

Treatment for Adult Acne

Author: Dr Branden Seow At The Clifford Clinic, we take pride in the results we can achieve for patients who struggle with persistent, recurrent or difficult acne conditions. Sick and tired of acne that gets treated with only medication but after some time, the acne condition recurs? Frustrated with persistent acne that just somehow won’t […]

Why Your Gold Ptt Treatment Did Not Work

What is Gold PTT Acne Treatment? Gold Photothermal Therapy (PTT) treatment is an acne treatment based on Selective Photothermolysis of sebaceous follicles with topically delivered light-absorbing gold nanoparticles. Gold PTT treatment uses gold nanoparticles together with specialised lasers to effectively reduce acne by cleaning the sebaceous follicles, reducing sebum production and alleviating acne lesions. How […]

How to Prevent Acne Breakout When Wearing Face Masks

It is compulsory to wear a mask if you are stepping out of your house during this period. It may protect us from Covid-19 viruses but for some, wearing a mask for a couple of hours may triggers skin irritation such as eczema and acne flare-ups. Our doctors: Dr Gerard Ee and Dr Chow Yuen […]
z beam laser

Zap out acne scars, red and brown spots, and small birthmarks with the V Beam laser

V Beam Laser is a non-invasive treatment can even out your complexion and help minimize fine lines and wrinkles at the same time. The Clifford Clinic answers frequently asked questions. How does the V beam laser work? This is a pulsed dye laser. It emits short bursts of light (“pulses”) while the dye creates different colors […]

Regain clear skin and your confidence with the Clifford Aesthetics Acne Scar Program Nine out of 10 people experience acne at least once in their lives. While most of us get our worst breakouts in our teens because of hormonal fluctuations, five out of 10 get adult acne. Eight out of 10 will struggle with periodic acne breakouts throughout their lives. Ideally, the acne clears with a […]
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What’s the best laser treatment for spots and blemishes?

Sun spots, age spots, freckles, acne marks… All these skin problems boil down to one thing: pigmentation. The skin cells have a high amount of melanin. If you want to remove the blemish, you have to break down the pigments. That’s where the Q-switch laser comes in. Zap away the spots and blemishes Lasers have […]