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VBeam Prima Laser for Vascular and Pigmented Skin Concerns

What is Vbeam Prima?

The new Vbeam Prima is a highly efficient pulsed-dye laser which is a direct improvement of the its predecessor, the popular Vbeam Perfecta. Utilising dual wavelengths – 595nm and 1064nm. With the addition of a 1064nm wavelength and a number of new features, the Vbeam Prima will be able to effectively treat a variety of skin conditions including wrinkles, rosacea, port wine stains, acne, facial and leg spider veins (telangiectasia), as well as other similar conditions.

VBeam Prima comes with a built in dual cooling system, giving patients a better and faster treatment.  It can be used for both face and body, and it is a treatment that provides a low incidence of side effects and high patient tolerability.

What does Vbeam Prima treat?

Vbeam Prima System delivers targeted laser therapy to treat a wide range of skin conditions. These may include:

• Poikiloderma of Civatte: This is a condition that causes your skin to discolour and break down. It is most commonly caused by radiation damage from the sun or other radiation sources. poikiloderma of Civatte is also known as sun aging.

• Deep blue, spider and varicose veins: All of these are caused by irregular veins in the skin. Deep blue veins and spider veins are harmless, unsightly veins which have become visible due to various reasons such as thinning skin and hormonal changes. Varicose veinsare most commonly found in the legs. They look like deep blue veins, but usually appear enlarged, snaky and swollen. These are caused by malfunctioning valves, which can cause blood to pool in affected areas.

• Venous lakes: These are soft, swollen papules of blood which commonly appear in sun-exposed areas of the skin which are rich is vascular tissue, being most common on the lips. Venous lakes are usually harmless, but are undesired as they are unsightly.

• Rosacea: A chronic facial skin ailment which typically begins around the age of 30. Individuals who are affected will experience intermittent redness and swelling around the cheeks, nose, chin, eyes and forehead. There is currently no permanent cure for rosacea, but laser treatment can effective alleviate the signs and symptoms.

• Port wine stains: A type of birthmark named after their distinct reddish-purple colour, and looks like patches on the skin or face. Port wine stains are seen at birth and persists for life unless artificially removed. It is caused by a vascular anomaly.

• Acne Vulagris (or just “acne”): A skin condition where pores in the skin become clogged with oil secretion and dead skin cells, and forms blackheads, whiteheads and pimples. In severe cases, affected pores can become inflamed and lead to permanent scarring.

• Other pigmentation and pigmented lesions: These are areas of the skin which have an abnormal colour compared to the surrounding skin which have many different causes.

Vbeam laser has been long considered the “gold standard” for the device-based treatment of rosacea, port wine stains, varicose veins and other vascular anomalies of the skin listed above. It has been successfully used to treat these conditions in adults, young children and even infants safely.

Building on a 40-year legacy of success, the new Vbeam Prima laser system comes with advanced features that offer an improved treatment experience. This helps physicians and patients achieve better results.

What is the procedure of Vbeam Prima like?

Firstly, your skin is cleansed to remove any makeup, natural oils or dirt. As the laser has built-in cooling mechanisms, there is no need for any numbing cream or local anaesthetic.

The pulsed dye lasers deliver an intense but gentle burst of light into the targeted areas of the skin. The light is then absorbed by specific blood vessels or melanin pigmentated areas in the dermis.

There may be some redness or mild swelling experienced at the treated area but it usually subsides in a few hours.

Advantages of VBeam Prima

– Greater results in shorter time
Able to treat a bigger area each time, while still maximising energy output at 595nm, maintaining treatment effectiveness

– Two types of cooling for epidermal protection and maximum versatility
The patented cryogen-based Dynamic Cooling Device™ scales with fluence to administer consistent epidermal protection automatically, while EverCool™ contact cooling treats both vascular and pigmented lesions at the same time.

– Targets spot size as small as 0.5mm

– Well tolerated by patients

– Low to no side effects

–  Safe for infants with port wine stains

What can you expect from Vbeam Prima?

Vbeam Prima for Rosacea Symptom Treatment

Significant reduction of rosacea symptoms, from moderate to mild, in a clinical study. 84% of the patients experienced more than 40% improvement with minimal adverse side effects. Patients were reported to be very satisfied with the results.

Vbeam Prima for scars treatment

The Vbeam Prima system with 595nm wavelength highly targets the vascular component of scar tissue. 100% of the scars that were treated with Vbeam Prima displayed significant improvements in a clinical study. Patients were extremely satisfied with their results, with 77% of them experiencing low to no pain.


How many sessions of Vbeam Prima laser do I need?

The number and duration of treatments will depend on your condition and skin type. Typically, one will require 2 to 4 treatment sessions, with each lasting for 15 – 20 minutes.

Are the treatments painful?

There may be minimal discomfort during the treatment. The doctor may administer instant cooling to the skin during the treatment for added comfort.

Does Vbeam Prima system work for my skin type?

The system is FDA-cleared for most skin types. However, you may need to consult the doctor to see if Vbeam Prima laser is the right treatment for you.

Do I have to avoid the sun after the laser?

It is recommended to avoid sun exposure before and throughout treatment to maximize the results. Always remember to apply your sun block daily during day time.

Why does it treat rosacea so effectively?

With almost 40 years of clinical research and improvement, Vbeam pulsed-dye laser is an industry gold standard that works to clear the dilated blood vessels below the skin’s surface. The dual wavelength light is readily absorbed by these blood vessels, collapsing them quickly and producing lasting results.

Does Vbeam Prima laser clear up acne too?

Yes, there are clinical studies to show that Vbeam laser therapy clears acne by targeting the source, which are inflammatory acne lesions, reducing both the bump and associated redness. The system treats acne beneath the skin’s surface by slowly heating the blood cells to help attack bacteria.

Does Vbeam Prima system work for infants and children?

Vbeam Prima laser therapy can be used to treat infants and children with vascular birthmarks. The proprietary 595nm laser is an industry gold standard in treating common skin conditions such as port wine stains and haemangiomas.