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Vbeam Laser Treatment

Safely treat Rosacea, Spider veins, birthmarks, acne scars, stretch marks, broken capillaries and more with Vbeam Laser Treatment

Vbeam Laser Treatment is the an FDA-approved revolutionary and bestselling pulsed-dye laser that is not only safe treatment for vascular, pigmented and certain non-pigmented lesions but also with a low incidence of side effects.

You can once again achieve regain smooth, even skin without painful surgery!

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Vbeam is able to treat a variety of skin conditions such as:

How it works

Vbeam Laser Treatment is a pulsed-dye laser with an intense but gentle burst of light in long pulses onto the skin. The longer pulse delivers laser energy to selectively targeted blood vessels without adversely affecting the surrounding tissue. The resultant effect is a gentle heating effect and uniform coagulation. The treated blood vessels are gradually absorbed by the body during the natural healing process.

Is it safe?

Yes! Vbeam laser is extremely safe and effective, and has even be used successfully for the treatment of infants and children. The skin is protected during treatment by a cooling device, which sprays a cool liquid onto the skin before each laser pulse, cooling the upper layers of the skin for maximum comfort.

Who is it for?

Vbeam laser is best suited for people with lighter skin types or untanned skins, however do speak to our doctors to find out if you are suitable for the Vbeam Laser Treatment. The treatment is generally suitable for patients who experience skin problems such as:

Broken Capillaries

Or telangiectasias, facial and nasal spider veins are usually caused by sun damage. These tiny broken veins cause a persistent flushed look and contributes to an ‘aging’ look of the face. The problem is exacerbated by heat, alcohol and sun-exposure.

Leg Spider Veins (Varicose Veins)

Spider veins in the legs are a common problem faced by many people due to age, prolonged standing, pregnancy or heredity. While large varicose veins are better treated by sclerotherapy or surgical stripping, smaller red and purple spider can be easily treated with Vbeam Laser Treatment without surgery or incisions.

Stretch Marks

Vbeam is a great solution for suffers of stretch marks, resulting from pregnancy, rapid weight gain or mechanical stress. Vbeam works well for new red stretch marks, while older white scars may be better treated using other treatments. The result is a dramatically improved look and softening of the skin.

Acne Scars

Vbeam Laser Treatment can consecutively treat stubborn acne scars while rejuvenating the facial skin as well! Vbeam reduces redness of stubborn acne scars by selectively targeting the blood vessels, open pores and acne lesions. The redness usually left behind by acne is a result of broken capillaries, which can be targeted by Vbeam, causing them to coagulate and be naturally reabsorbed by the body. This results in clearer and smoother skin.


Rosacea is a common chronic disorder experienced by many people who are primarily fair-skinned, characterized by recent flare-ups and remissions. Over the years, redness may become more persistent and visible dilated blood vessels may appear. If left untreated, inflamed pimple-like bumps may appear on the skin. While there is no cure for rosacea, Vbeam Laser Treatment can be used to control or reverse its signs and symptoms by considerably reduce and often eliminate the redness and flushing in patients.

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Why Vbeam Laser?



No Surgery

Low Downtime


Mild flushing is expected and resolves within a few hours. Mild bruising may also occur in highly intensive treatments, however our qualified doctors will adjust the treatment’s intensity based on your condition and lifestyle. With such minimal downtime, you will be able to resume your normal activities immediately after treatment and wear makeup – however excessive sun exposure is not recommended.

A single treatment usually takes about half an hour.

Some redness or flushing and swelling may occur, but it will resolve within a few hours after treatment. Bruising may occur as well, but will resolve within a few days.

Yes. We recommend limiting sun exposure 4-6 weeks before treatment in order to maximise results. Proper sun protection, such as wearing sunblock (SPF 30 or higher) daily is recommended. Your doctor will advise you on post-treatment guidelines as well.

The number of treatments will depend mostly on a few factors:

  • Size of treatment area
  • Desired degree of improvement
  • Status of your hormones
  • Pre-medication

2-4 sessions may be required for broken capillaries of veins, while acne scars may require 6 or more sessions for optimal results.