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Treatment for Back Acne - Bacne

Treatment for back acne or “bacne” is a common request at our clinic.  Back Acne is a problem that affects the back, shoulders and chest. 50% of individuals that suffer from facial acne often suffer from bacne as well. In Singapore’s humid weather, hair follicles on the back can trap sweat and bacteria, causing breakouts. As the skin on our backs are thicker than our skin, it often results in more severe acne.

Bacne can be very painful, or even itchy.  Because the skin on the back of the body heals much slower than the face, back acne often leaves embarrassing scars and marks that take a very long time to fade.

Back acne often appears with chest and buttock acne.  Pimples can grow on the chest, breast and also on the buttocks.  Treatment for chest acne, breast acne and buttocks acne is slightly modified from our back acne treatment protocols and is tailored to those specific zones.

If you are affected by this back acne problem, relax!  At Clifford Clinic, we have the solution to treat persistent back acne, chest acne, breast acne and buttocks acne.

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Want to treat back acne? Clear blemishes with laser

What Causes Back Acne / What Causes Body Acne?

To understand why a person suffers from back acne and body acne, one must first understand the causes of acne.

Acne is a multifactorial problem. This mean simply that there are many factors that cause acne. All of these factors contribute to making the problem worse, and solving just one of the factors will not solve the entire problem.

Here are some of the factors that cause Back / Body Acne:

Perspiration Causes Back Acne

Bacne is commonly caused by perspiration during our daily activities. Perspiration and tight fitting clothing may be why people who are more physically active may experience back and chest acne. A moist environment encourages bacterial growth. This makes bacteria flourish. One of the first areas to produce sweat during exercise is the back. As the oil glands are larger and more concentrated over the back, this makes back acne worsen.

Hormones and Back Acne Causes

Another cause of bacne would be hormonal imbalances This is commonly seen in young males, those with severe acne, and females with a condition called Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. Excessive hormones will cause overstimulation of oil glands, making back acne worse.

Damaged Pores and Back Acne Causes

Over the years of recurrent back acne, some of the pores get damaged and become narrowed or bent, making them clog up more easily. This leads to recurrent bacne on the same few areas of the back, sometimes even on the same exact spot!

Does Diet Cause Back Acne?

There are many misconceptions about dietary restrictions in acne patients. Many believe chili, high fat diet, deep fried foods and seafood may cause acne. Here’s the good news. You can really eat most of the foods above. In reality, the main culprits are a diet that is rich in dairy and simple processed carbohydrates. These will worsen acne on the face, body and back.

Stress and Back Acne Causes

Excessive stress causes our body to produce a hormone known as cortisol, which is a “fight or flight” hormone. This hormone works on our skin to make it oilier, thus leading to clogging and ultimately an acne breakout on the back.

Sleep and Causes of Back Acne

It’s not called beauty sleep without reason. Sleeping relaxes your body, and reduces the stress you experience during the day. This reduces your body’s levels of circulating cortisol, the stress hormone which causes acne. Thus more sleep will improve your bacne!

Treatment of Back Acne - Bacne

Don’t worry! Bacne can be solved. At The Clifford Clinic, we have developed a unique protocol for treating even persistent back acne.

First, our doctors will need to find out the cause of your bacne. The treatment of back and body acne depends on several factors: severity of the acne, allergies, medical history, skin type, degree of physical activity and sensitivity. Our doctors will evaluate and discuss a treatment protocol which will suit your lifestyle. These may include in-office treatments, topical creams and sprays, oral medications.

Here are some of the treatment options that may be used:

Acne on your back? Clear back acne fast with lasers

Long Pulse Laser Treatment for Back Acne - Bacne

Laser technology has been used as a trusted form of treatment for a variety of skin issues such as hair removal, acne and uneven skin tone. Studies have shown that long pulse laser treatment is extremely effective for clearing back acne. A single wavelength laser, this effectively targets the acne while avoiding injury to the surrounding skin.

Studies reflected a significant improvement of inflammatory acne following three treatments, given 1 - 2 weeks apart. With each follow-up treatment, even better improvements have been reported.

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BAcne treatment

Chemical Peels for Back Acne

Chemical peels have been used to clear the plugged follicles on the back which are precursors to acne. Regular peelings will reduce the clogged pores, leading to reduce acne breakouts down the road.  Chemical peels also help tremendously in reducing the appearance of scars on the back, which can be quite a nuisance to remove.  Our chemical peels used are strong enough to deal with the thickened skin on the back, but controlled enough to prevent complications like burns.

Bacne Cure

Topical Treatment for Back Acne

The back is a difficult place to apply creams. We try to keep cream application to a minimum, and offer a special chest and back spray. This makes it convenient to apply topical treatment to the back.  Topical treatment is important to prevent bacteria from flourishing and also to maintain the clarity of the pores on the back at an optimal level.

Bacne Solution

Laser Treatment for Scars

Depending on the type of scars produced after bacne, a variety of laser treatments can be employed. These will reduce the amount of scarring and accelerate healing. Lasers used include fractional CO2 laser, Q-switch laser and V-beam laser.

Bacne causes


For persistent acne that recurs on the same areas, it is sometimes necessary to directly treat the pores that cause acne. AGNES employs a focused and targeted approach to directly treat affected pores, preventing further acne recurrence.

Bacne Solution

Oral Medication

Oral antibiotics and Isotretinoin are useful medications to really reduce the bacteria overgrowth that causes back acne. When combined with laser and other treatments, the effect is much better!  It's impossible for us to be doing treatments on the skin on a daily basis, so it's important for you to have some oral medication to help control your bacne.  Our oral meds are designed to be low in side effects while supplementing a good skincare regimen.

If left untreated, bacne can lead to cystic acne, causing blemishes, keloids and permanent scarring!

Complications of Back Acne

Back acne is unsightly, especially if one chooses to wear off shoulder clothes or swimwear. One of the most feared complications of back acne is scarring. Scarring after back acne can be in the form of hyperpigmented scarring, hypopigmented scarring, atrophic scarring or keloid and hypertrophic scarring. All scarring is bad and takes considerably longer to treat because healing the scars on the body takes 3 times as long as scars on the face. These are some examples of scarring after back acne:

Back acne scars - hyperpigmented

Scars become darker due to sun exposure and post inflammation. These brown marks and blemishes take a long time to lighten and need laser and chemical peels to lighten.

Back acne scars - hypopigmented

Scars become white due to damage to pigment-producing cells in the skin. This scarring takes the longest to treat and requires fractional CO2 laser to treat.

Back acne scars - Atrophic

Scars become depressed and sunken. This requires fractional CO2 laser and Infini for treatment.

Back Acne Scars - Hypertrophic and Keloids

Scars bump up due to repeated inflammation and excessive scar tissue production. Injections and pulse dye lasers are needed to shrink the scars and flatten the skin.

How many treatments are needed?

Depending on the severity of the bacne, different treatment plans may be recommended. Our doctor will advise you on how many sessions you will require to achieve your desired outcome.

Is Back Acne Treatment safe?

All our treatments clinically proven for the reduction of acne. The procedures are safe and effective and have minim

When can I expect to see results?

You should expect to see results, reduced inflammatory acne after one to three months of treatment, although some patients can see results within 1-2 weeks of treatment. Firstly the acne will be diminished, giving the scars time to heal gradually over the remaining period.