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Zero Downtime Face Lift with Thermage CPT

Did you know that our face is like a rubber band?

Over time, it loses its elasticity and starts to get loose. Likewise, as we age, the skin loses its elasticity, and it starts to sag. Once this happens, the classical signs of aging start to appear on our face.

Run through this quick checklist to see how many signs of aging you have!

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How many signs of sagging do you have on your face?

Take this simple test to find out…
Score one point for every one of these signs of sagging that you have on your face:

  • Deepening laughter lines beside your nose extending to the corners of your lips

  • “Bulldog” cheeks forming

  • Flattening cheeks, or a deepening groove running diagonally across your cheeks

  • Increased wrinkles on your under-eye and cheek area

  • Drooping upper eyelid, or increasing puffiness of your upper eyelid

  • Brow getting lower and lower

  • Face getting squarish and no longer V-shaped

If your score is three or more, then you have moderate facial sagging, a sign of aging and skin laxity. This leads to you looking tired and grumpy. To fix this, there are a variety of procedures that you can undergo.

One of the best established and popular treatments is our non-invasive face lifting using Thermage CPT.

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Thermage CPT at The Clifford Clinic

Why is My Face Sagging?

When you age, there are a number of changes happening on the face. Ligaments on the face get stretched and our skin loses its elasticity.  This leads to the changes described above. Parts of our face sag, especially the cheeks, brow and even chin.

When the forehead sags, the excess skin collects at our eyelids and causes it to look puffy or droopy. Sagging cheeks causes the characteristic bulldog appearance, with squaring of the face. All these changes also cause skin to fold in undesirable places, causing wrinkles.

Why is My Face Sagging?

The secret to treating a sagging face is to build collagen and elastin. Collagen and elastin are two essential components that help you to get a youthful face and skin. As our skin ages, the percentage of collagen and elastin decreases and the skin loses its elasticity. In order to reverse this process, we need to do treatments that stimulate the natural process of collagen and elastin synthesis. There are many of these treatments available on the market, but the gold standard for facial lifting is Thermage.

The Thermage brand is one of, if not the most well known in the plethora of treatments available. They are the most dominant brand in US and Europe and is widely recognised. In the industry, many regard Thermage non-surgical face lifting as the number one non-invasive machine for skin tightening.

What’s the Thermage CPT Treatment like?

Thermage treatment feels like a hot stones massage.  Previous versions of Thermage used to be very hot and uncomfortable, but with the latest version of Thermage CPT, we are now able to offer a much more comfortable experience.  Generally, we set the intensity of the treatment to a setting that is tolerably hot for the patient.  Some patients who have a better pain tolerance can tolerate stronger settings, but even with low settings we can achieve the same result by firing more shots on the face using lower intensity.

We use the Thermage TOTAL Tip, which is the tip with 900 shots. This ensures that you get the full benefit from each Thermage treatment.  The Thermage TOTAL Tip can be used to treat undereye wrinkles, general face lifting, neck and jowls.

Is There Any Downtime after Thermage Treatment?

After the Thermage treatment, there is usually no downtime.  Patients may experience transient redness of the face, but this usually subsides within less than a day.  We always advise our patients to use sunblock and protect the skin after the treatment.

How Soon Can I See Results after Thermage CPT Non-Surgical Facelift?

You may notice an immediate lifting effect after the treatment.  Subsequently, as the skin produces more collagen and elastin, the results of the treatment continue to improve over the next 3-6 months.  Because the changes are very gradual, these changes are especially apparent to those people around you who do not see you frequently, and they will notice the greatest changes.  You will receive complements about your skin especially from people whom you don’t see often.

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