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Seeing Red: Eliminate Spider Veins on Legs with Vbeam Laser

An estimated 30% to 60% of adults will have spider veins or varicose veins.

Most commonly found on the back of the knees, ankles and thighs – spider veins are thin, web-like, superficial veins that are best recognizable as bright red, blue or purple discolorations on the skin.

Unfortunately, the condition is more frequently found in women than in men, and one often gets spider veins as one ages.

The good news though, is that they are general harmless and don’t pose as a major health issue. However, they can be the sign of something far more serious known as varicose veins, or chronic vein insufficiency – which require immediate medical attention.

If you are starting to notice the first signs of spider veins on your legs, and it’s deterring you from wearing a pair shorts or dress out the front door, even in the sweltering heat in Singapore – we offer a solution that can help!

But first:

Why do we get Spider Veins?

Often resembling the legs of spiders, hence its name – genetics is the most common cause of spider veins. If your parents have them, you got a 90% chance of developing them too!

While no one knows for sure why some people develop spider veins and others don’t – the hormones estrogen and progesterone are believed to play a role. Elevated levels of these hormones in the blood can weaken the walls of blood vessels, leading them to expand.

When your veins are enlarged, the valves that helps with the distribution of blood around the body fails to function properly, causing blood to pool in the veins and resulting in its bulgy appearance.

Anything that restricts blood circulation causes your vessels to swell, and leads to the formation of spider veins. This means that factors such as obesity, smoking and taking hormonal birth control pills can all contribute to you having spider veins. In addition, having a job that requires you to stand for long periods also puts unnecessary pressure on your legs and can cause it to worsen.

Thus, a good preventative measure is to ensure that the leg is getting enough blood circulation, while undergoing treatments to diminish any existing spider veins.

While spider veins used to be painful and difficult to remove, there is now a better solution – Vbeam laser treatment is a simple, safe and pain-free treatment available in our clinic to get vein-free, flawless legs!

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Vbeam laser for Spider Veins

The Clifford Clinic uses Vbeam laser to effectively remove spider veins by using a concentrated pulsed light to cause damage to the veins – causing the pigment in the blood to clot, dry up and collapse. The pigments are then later reabsorbed and removed by the body, and the veins eventually disappear over the next couple of days.

Operating at the optimal wavelength of 595nm (the wavelength that targets the red color in oxyhemoglobin), – it is one of the best treatments for ‘red’ skin conditions, including rosacea and acne scarring. In fact, experts agree that Vbeam laser is the gold standard for treating visible capillaries!

The best part about Vbeam is it doesn’t just work to eliminate spider veins, but also simultaneously boosts firming and rejuvenation of your skin by stimulating its collagen-producing properties. Vbeam is also extremely versatile – with the ability to accommodate to changes in color or spot size by simply recalibrating the device or changing the hand piece.

In just the first few session, you will be able to notice a 50%­–75% improvement in the appearance of spider veins on your legs, with no scarring or downtime involved.

With any laser treatment, there is always a risk of side effects including burning, scarring and pigmentation, but that is not the case with Vbeam – its technology allows less bruising, accompanied by more powerful and effective shots – resulting in less treatment sessions needed!

Patients can expect some slight discomfort during the treatment; however, each laser pulse is preceded by a special cryogen burst to cool and protect the skin’s surface ­– making treatment tolerable for most patients.

Important to note is that it is still possible for spider veins to reappear again in the future. This is why we highly recommend patients to come back for maintenance treatments every 1 or 2 years to prevent new spider veins from forming!

What can Vbeam NOT treat?

Vbeam laser is considered to be the more conservative and less invasive medical treatment option for small spider veins on legs.

While the laser is extremely effective for small, red spider veins of up to 1mm in diameter – it is not as successfully in diminishing the appearance of larger blood vessels such as varicose veins which can be more than 1.5mm deep.

In addition, individuals with darker skin tones may need to approach the treatment with extreme caution, given their increased risk of hyperpigmentation. This is why it is vital to first seek a doctor’s opinion in order to determine if you are a suitable candidate for Vbeam.

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Taking the next step

Rather than just working to improve the appearance of spider veins, we aim to address the issue internally as well. At The Clifford Clinic, our doctors are highly experienced in treating spider veins, and will first seek to customize a treatment plan specially for you.

Combining technology with the best quality skincare products and sound advice – our doctors are well-trained to perform the technology in order to ensure the most ideal wavelength is used and minimal damage is done to the surrounding tissues. This way, we are able to ensure consistent results regardless of patient and their skin condition.

There is no need to feel any less attractive if you spot any spider veins on your legs – it is NOT an irreversible issue, and can be easily solved with a few treatment sessions.

Seeing is believing – so, book your consultation with us today!