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PlaSon Treatment

PlaSon Treatment

Hailing from South Korea, PlaSon treatment systems have been getting popular of late. With its specialized two probes, one utilizing Plasma technology while the other probe harnessing the powers of ultrasound technology, the Plason treatment system can enhance the skin in several ways. 

The system that uses plasma technology is called PlasmaPoration™ while the system that uses ultrasound is called SonoPoration™. 


What is Plasma?

First things first, what is plasma? Plasma is the fourth state of matter. It is produced by ionizing air. It can be found in the natural world like stars and lightening, but also in man-made devices like neon signs and plasma television.  Plasma can be produced by heating a neutral gas or subjecting the gas to a strong electromagnetic field.

How can Plasma help the skin?

Plasma has several effects on human skin. It can kill bacteria by destroying its molecular structure. It can increase skill absorption rate by temporarily breaking the cell adhesion molecules. It can tighten aged skin by balancing the membrane potential, as well as stimulating collagen production. As such, the PlasSon PlasmaPoration™ system can help with anti-pigmentation and serves as an effective acne treatment in Singapore as it kills acne bacteria, as well as anti-aging because it stimulates collagen. 


What is Sono?

Sono refers to sound. A sonogram refers to the image that the ultrasound generates.

How can ultrasound help the skin?

The acoustic energy from the ultrasound helps create a cavitation effect on the skin, increasing drug delivery. It also helps with skin regeneration by stimulating production of collagen and fibroblasts. It can also help facilitate the emission of melanin in the dermis and epidermis, therefore giving clearer skin. 

Benefits of PlaSon Treatment

PlaSon is capable of:

  • Alleviating acne and skin inflammation

Acne bacterium is commonly associated with acne outbreaks. The plasma radicals from the Plasma probe stabilize themselves by combining with bacterial molecules and then break them down to molecules like carbon dioxide and water. This essentially removes bacterial molecules form our skin.

  • Increasing skill absorption rate by temporarily breaking the cell adhesion molecules

The cavitation effect from the SonoPoration probe creates “holes” in the membrane of cells by disrupting the adhesions between cell molecules. This enables better delivery of medications. This system is also called Trans-Dermal Delivery System (TDDS). 

  • Tightening aged skin by balancing the membrane potential

Electrically-charged plasma ions correct imbalances in the membrane potential of cells. This helps to improve the elasticity of the skin and creating a better appearance. 

  • Stimulating collagen production

Both plasma and ultrasound system from PlaSon can stimulate blood circulation, lymphatic flow, as well as the generation of fibroblasts. They strengthen the skin’s elasticity and can therefore smoothen out fine wrinkles. 

  • Removing hyper-pigmentation

The Plasma Poration handpiece emits plasma ions onto the skin and the plasma ions facilitate the emission of melanin and dead skin cells from the skin. This therefore helps to create a clearer and smoothen complexion.

Therefore, the PlaSon treatment system can help with lightening of pigmentation, acne control as it kills acne bacteria and also anti-aging as it stimulates collagen. 


Anyone who wishes to rejuvenate their skin can undergo a PlaSon laser treatment. This includes breastfeeding and pregnant moms. Patients who suffers from acne and sensitive skin will greatly benefit from the laser.

No, PlaSon laser does not hurt and requires no numbing cream. It is a non-invasive facial treatment that has no downtime.

You can combine PlaSon Treatment with various lasers such Q Switch and Pico laser for better results. You may also consider doing PlaSon treatment right after a deep cleansing HydraFacial at The Clifford Clinic.

Yes, you can put on makeup immediately after the treatment.

Results will be gradually visible after 4 weeks of treatment.

For best results, it is advisable to repeat the treatment once a week.