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Smaller is Better: The Power Of Microbubbles with Bellasonic

The human skin is divided into three layers.

The topmost layer is the epidermis. This is a waterproof layer which protects the body from external harm and infection. The layer directly under the epidermis is the dermis. This is the layer where most of the blood vessels, nerves, glands and hair follicles are found. Support structures like collagen and elastin, which gives the skin structure and helps maintain elasticity and firmness are also found in this layer. Under the dermis lies the hypodermis, which is the deepest layer of the skin where the fat tissue are found. 

The skin is a sensitive organ. When exposed to stress factors like UV light, the skin can produce excessive amounts of matrix metallopeptidases (MMPs). Normally, MMPs help degrade old or unwanted proteins in the skin. However, at high levels, MMPs can begin to degrade the healthy proteins (including collagen) as well. These factors are why excessive sun exposure can cause our skin to age prematurely. There are natural regenerative processes to help counteract this, but aging or damaged skin may have hindered metabolite transport, hydration and oxygenation, slowing down this natural process.

What is Bellasonic?

Bellasonic is one of the latest equipment used in dermatology imported from South Korea. It utilises ultrasound technology to achieve a multitude of effects, using a combination of high-frequency (HF) ultrasound (Bellasonos) and low-frequency (LF) ultrasound (Bellapact). The combination allows Bellasonic to be effective in many ways, from whitening of the skin to the improvement of acne.

How does Bellasonic work?

Bellasonic utilises ultrasound technology which work in three main ways:

Firstly, the ultrasound therapy causes the tissue in the skin to vibrate. This creates friction between the skin tissue and heats them up. The increased temperature helps relax the skin and facial muscles, alleviating pain and soreness. This also improves the blood flow and oxygenation to the affected tissues, and increases collagen deposition.

Secondly, Bellasonic stimulates the activities of important molecules in the skin, and reduces the activity of potentially harmful molecules. The vibration caused by the ultrasound therapy stimulates the activity of molecules and proteins like Glycosaminoglycans (GAGs) and Heat Shock Proteins (HSPs), which are associated with skin regenerative processes. This improves tissue repair, hydration, oxygenation, and transport of important metabolites to the skin. Bellasonic also effectively reduces the activity of other molecules and proteins such as matrix metallopeptidases (MMPs), which are associated with the degrading of skin collagen. The combined effects of increased HSP and GAG activity, together with the reduced activity of MMPs, achieves an overall anti-aging effect.

In general, the following effects can be expected:

• Whitening and decreased redness of the skin
• Increased skin elasticity
• Deep hydration
• Shrinking and closing of pores
• Reduced acne
• Improved blood circulation
• Boosted natural regenerative processes

In addition, Bellasonic can be combined with other forms of treatment or therapy. The ultrasound therapy creates microscopic bubbles in the skin known as cavitation bubbles. These bubbles are formed when a liquid is subjected to rapidly changing pressures from processes like ultrasound. The bubbles will either oscillate with the pressure wave, or immediately collapse. The presence of these bubbles temporarily disrupt the structure of the epidermis, creating micro-channels which substances can diffuse through. Normally, the waterproof epidermis prevents external substances from entering the skin via diffusion, limiting the effects of most topically applied drugs.

The micro-channels created by Bellasonic allows many treatment drugs to diffuse into the deeper layers of the skin without injections, making them more effective overall. This also has a mild exfoliating effect, which can help unclog pores; acting as an effective acne treatment that also helps to remove acne scars. Overall, This makes Bellasonic effective not only as a treatment on its own, but also synergistic with other dermatology treatment procedures.

Steps involved in Bellasonic treatment

Firstly, the skin is gently washed and cleansed. A gel is then applied, and HF ultrasound from Bellasonos is then used to reduce resistance of skin tissues. This helps to minimise and prevent swelling and bruising. The required medication is then applied and delivered using the LF ultrasound from Bellapact, which opens up micro-channels in the skin and allows the treatment medication to penetrate deeper into the skin. After which, a Low-Level Laser therapy may be administered to further reduce any possible swelling.


In essence, Bellasonic:

• Manages to achieve a multitude of anti-aging effects
• Synergises well with many other procedures, even improving their effects
• Has no downtime post-treatment

Overall, Bellasonic is effective when used alone, and also highly suitable for individuals who wish to improve their skin condition with more than one type of treatment. At The Clifford Clinic, we offer a wide range of aesthetic services to treat conditions such as cystic acne, as well as hair loss to bring out your best skin.


Is the treatment painful? 

The treatment should be relatively painless depending on your existing skin condition. There should only be a mild warming sensation and mild vibrations felt on the skin during the ultrasound treatment.

Is there any downtime after treatment?

There is usually no downtime after treatment with Bellasonic and patients can typically resume their daily activities immediately after the treatment. Mild swelling may be observed due to the ultrasound, but these will usually subside in a few hours.

Are there any side effects from using Bellasonic? 

Currently, there are no major adverse side effects associated with Bellasonic. As with other ultrasound therapy procedures, there may be slight redness, swelling, soreness or numbness depending on the individual. These will usually subside in a few hours.

When can I expect to see results?

Results can typically be seen after the first session depending on the initial conditions and how well your skin reacts to the treatment. For certain cases, the doctor may recommend a follow up session for improved results. Alternatively, Bellasonic can be used in combination with other treatments like Dermagold microparticles for even better results.

How do I know if I am suitable?

 Bellasonic has been shown to help with the following:

• Brightening dark skin
• Tightening pores
• Reduce skin flushes
• Reducing acne scars
• Minor hair loss

Anyone who wishes to alleviate any of the above symptoms is suitable for Bellasonic. However, as each person is unique, please consult the doctor before commencing treatment.

Can I combine Bellasonic therapy with other treatments/products?

Bellasonic is designed to be used in conjunction with other forms of treatment procedures as it helps deliver treatment drugs deeper into the skin and enhances the skin’s ability to absorb these drugs. For example, Bellasonic can be used to enhance the effects of Dermagold micro particles in acne treatment.

At our aesthetic clinic, our doctors will be able to tailor a unique plan just for you. Simply contact us today for a consultation to take the first step to a better you!