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Shang Ring Circumcision

What is Circumcision?

Circumcision is a minor surgical procedure to remove excess foreskin, allowing the head of the penis to be exposed.

What are the common reasons necessitating a circumcision:

  • Phimosis – The foreskin is too tight, which prevents it from being pulled back over the glans penis, causing pain, infection or sexual dysfunction.
  • Paraphimosis – A medical emergency where the foreskin is stuck behind the head of the glans penis.
  • Balanitis – inflammation of the head of the glans penis
  • Recurrent infection of the foreskin
  • Cosmetic appearance

What are the benefits of circumcision?

  • Reduced risk of urinary tract infection.
  • Reduced risk of HIV acquisition – A Cochrane review of 3 large randomized controlled trials involving 11,500 men has demonstrated that uncircumcised men were almost twice as likely to get HIV.
  • Reduced risk of sexually transmitted diseases – A study involving about 7,000 men showed that circumcision was protective against human papillomavirus (HPV), as circumcised men were less likely to be infected with HPV. There is also strong evidence that male circumcision can decrease the rate of HPV infection in female partners.
  • Protects against penile cancer.
  • Improve sexual function and satisfaction – Circumcision has been shown to improve the sexual function in both men and women with >90% of both parties reporting that they were “very satisfied” with the outcome.

Circumcision makes it easier for the tip of the penis to be kept clean. Good hygiene helps to prevent and reduce the risk of urinary tract infection and penile inflammation.

How is circumcision done?

There are numerous different methods of circumcision and they are:

  • Conventional surgical circumcision
  • Laser circumcision
  • Stapler circumcision
  • Shang ring circumcision

The preferred method of circumcision in The Clifford Clinic is Shang ring circumcision. This unique sutureless technique utilizes a device called the Shang ring to perform circumcision. The Shang Ring device is one of the two devices that have completed the WHO Prequalification of Male Circumcision Devices.

Topical numbing cream is left on the foreskin for 30 minutes, and no injections are required. Once the foreskin is numbed, a plastic ring is secured in place, and the excess foreskin can then be trimmed away painlessly. The actual procedure would take 10-15 minutes.

After the procedure, the patient will rest in the recovery area for 1-2 hours and will be able to return to their daily activities.

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What about conventional surgical circumcision?

Conventional surgical circumcision involves the use of a stainless-steel scalpel and/or scissors to trim the foreskin. Local anesthetic injections are minimally required to achieve sufficient numbing before the procedure, with some opting for general anesthesia (asleep). After trimming the foreskin, the wound has to be closed with sutures which although absorbable, can last up to 1 month.

Conventional surgical circumcision is associated with a longer operative time (5,6), and would typically take 30-45 minutes, this translates to more discomfort and anxiety for patients who did not receive general anesthesia. Patients who had conventional surgical circumcision had more pain immediately after and a few days following the procedure (5,6). Lastly, conventional circumcision had higher rates of complications such as bleeding.

What about laser circumcision?

In laser circumcision, the procedure is done similarly to conventional surgical circumcision, except that a laser is used to trim the foreskin instead of the stainless-steel scalpel or scissors. Traditionally, the main benefit of using the laser would be the reduced risk of bleeding, as the laser would be able to seal off open blood vessels as it removes the foreskin. However, the latest study has shown that laser circumcision did not reduce the risk of bleeding or infection when compared to conventional surgical circumcision.

What about stapler circumcision?​

Stapler circumcision is a promising technique developed by Chinese physicians. Popular devices for stapler circumcision would include the ZSR or CirCurer (LangHe) stapler devices produced in China. Unfortunately, these devices are not approved by the Health Science Authority of Singapore and cannot be used in Singapore.

What is the Recovery Like?

We would recommend patients to rest for 1-2 days after the procedure. Patients can walk around comfortably after the procedure, and it does not affect the ability to pass urine. Patients can return to normal activities after the procedure but are to refrain from strenuous activities such as exercise, swimming, and sex until the wound heals. The healing process would typically take about 3-4 weeks. Patients can expect some pain and swelling for the first 1-2 weeks, this can be managed with the oral painkillers provided.


How much does a circumcision surgery cost?

The cost of a circumcision surgery is $1888.

Can Medisave or Insurance be used?

Circumcision is performed as a day surgery procedure, therefore, Medisave may be used. Most hospitalization insurance would also cover this procedure. If you are unsure if your insurance policy would cover the procedure please feel free to contact us for assistance. Assistance with pre-authorization application can also be performed by our team.

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