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Say goodbye to adult acne

Say goodbye to adult acne

You don’t need those drying creams and pills any more

Perhaps the most frustrating factor about adult acne is precisely that it occurs during adulthood. There are no more puberty hormones that are causing the inflammation and eruption yet when we look at the mirror, it feels like we’re back in our teenage years. Worse, some never even had to deal with teenage acne yet once they hit their adult years, it suddenly becomes a problem.

Most turn to drying topical creams and lotions to address adult acne and it’s effective for a while, but once you wean your skin off it, it seems like the acne returns with a vengeance. Even taking pills can be too laborious—will there ever come a day when you won’t have to medicate? Both these popular treatments are short-term solutions because it doesn’t get to the root of the problem. If you want to be free from daily maintenance, the AGNES treatment is an investment worth your while.

What causes adult acne?

Japanese researchers learned that in certain cases of acne patients, the pimples were only appearing on the same general areas of their face, sometimes appearing in the exact same spot again and again. This is because it was the same few hundreds of pores that were repeatedly getting blocked. Here’s another interesting fact: these said pores were responsible for almost 80-90% of all the patients’ acne.

How do you do targeted treatment?

This means that to get rid of the adult acne, these blocked pores must be targeted with treatment. Researchers found that through targeted treatment, it was possible to cure over 83% of non-inflamed acne and over 93% of inflamed acne when treated thrice in a year. After the three sessions, acne did not occur for an entire year after the last treatment.

Is AGNES for me?

If your acne only recurs in the same general area of the face while the rest of your face is clear, or if your pimple appears in the exact same spot repeatedly, call your doctor to inquire about AGNES. You may also wish to consider this treatment for long-term effects if you find the daily maintenance of topical treatments of pills to be too tasking, or if you have special conditions such as rosacea or pregnancy, which could keep you from opting for traditional treatments.

How does AGNES work?

Clifford Clinic’s doctors will first scrutinize your face using a magnifier, to identify all the blocked and damaged pores. A tiny electrical current is introduced into the pore to zap the oil-producing gland via a very fine wire attached to the AGNES machine. This process reduces the size of the gland and controls the oil production. If your pores produce less oil, then there will be no blockage, and therefore, no acne.

Each full session may take about half an hour to complete, depending on the case. After the treatment, the patient’s skin will be red only for a day. A second session is necessary to remove the dead cells from the pores, and Clifford Clinic’s therapists will perform it. This session will be painless.

Most patients experience a 50-70% decrease in their breakout from the first treatment alone. After three sessions, most patients see a 90% decrease in adult acne.

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