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Recurrent Acne: Why it Happens And How To Treat It

Acne Treatment, Acne Scar Removal

Recurrent Acne: Why it Happens And How To Treat It

We have all experienced a pesky pimple at some point in our lives, but what happens when they persist and refuse to go away?

Yes, we are talking about stubborn, recurrent acne!

Today, acne is the eighth most prevalent condition worldwide, and clinical studies have suggested that between 40%-55% of adults aged 20-40 are diagnosed with persistent acne and oily skin.

So, the question you might have is: why does it happen in the first place?

Understanding why recurrent acne occurs

Recurrent acne occurs whenever there is a blockage in the pores, which over time, results in the channel becoming narrower, scarred and damaged; predisposing it to being clogged and infected again and again.

In fact, this was proven in a Japanese study, where it was reported that the same few hundred pores that were constantly being blocked account for nearly 90% of acne on the patient’s face–and is also responsible for recurrent acne breakouts!

The pores on your skin play a larger role in acne than you think—it isn’t a coincidence that people with larger pores tend to have more acne since they are responsible for releasing sebum from the sebaceous glands.

This is why keeping pores clear and healthy is key to acne management. When left untreated, an infected, damaged pore is unable to cope with the increased levels of oil production in the skin, leading to a vicious cycle of recurring breakouts.

And no matter how many skin care products you use, the only way to treat recurrent acne is to undergo a series of treatments to treat it at its root, i.e., the damaged pores and sebaceous glands.

So, what are the best treatment options?

Treating acne at its root with Gold PTT & AGNES treatment

A cutting-edge treatment that we offer at our clinic is the Gold Photothermal Therapy (PTT) treatment.

Using gold nanoparticles which are specially engineered to have increased affinity with the pores of your skin, they are precisely delivered into the sebaceous glands using the Bellasonic ultrasound device.

Then, we heat them with specialised lasers like the 800nm Diode Laser and the 1064nm Long-pulsed Laser—the targeted heat modifies the pores and glands, reducing its oil production permanently while also working to kill off acne-causing bacteria and reduce the occurrence of inflammatory lesions forming.

In just 30-45 minutes, you can expect to see an improvement in your acne around 6 weeks after the last treatment, and just three treatment sessions completed in a week is required. Best of all, it is a painless procedure with minor side effects such including some redness which should subside within a few hours to a day.

Another treatment that we highly recommend is AGNES RF, which works by introducing tiny bursts of monopolar RF energy and inducing thermal damage to the problematic sebaceous glands. This reduces the size of the gland and decreases the amount of oil it produces—significantly reducing the chances of acne recurring over that specific pore.

Each treatment session lasts 30–60 minutes, and one treatment course spans up to three sessions—one to zap the problem, a second (the following day after the first treatment) to remove any dead cells, and a third to remove any debris and impurities for clearer skin.

With just one treatment, patients can already expect a 50%-70% decrease in acne breakouts! Researchers have found that it was possible to cure over 83% of non-inflamed acne and over 93% of inflamed acne with 3 treatments done over 12 months. Once treated, acne also did not recur for one year after the last treatment!

By decreasing sebum production, there is now a lower chance of blockages in the pores which means no recurrent acne!

Bid goodbye to recurrent acne @ The Clifford Clinic

Our clinic is the first to introduce AGNES and Gold PTT acne treatments in Singapore. As the pioneers for AGNES and Gold PTT in Singapore, we have come up with a proven safe and powerful acne protocol that resolves even the most stubborn, persistent acne!

To date, we have over 10 different acne treatment modalities to cater to a wide range of patients with differing needs and preferences. This includes chemical peels, HydraFacial, Fractional CO2, Q-switch and V-beam laser, just to name a few.

We also offer acne scar removal treatments such as TCA Cross, subcision, Rejuran healer, INFINI RF and Secret RF, all of which are clinically-backed, minimally-invasive and most importantly, produce results!

Some of these treatments can also work to “shrink” and treat enlarged pores, which helps to prevent it from becoming clogged with dirt and impurities; putting a stop to the acne cycle.

Remember: acne is NOT a short-term issue—there’s no one-size-fits-all solution and you will need to be even more persistent than persistent acne itself!

If you are sick and tired of dealing with acne that refuses to go away, contact us to get started on an individualized acne treatment program today!