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Reasons Why You Really Shouldn’t Pick at That Pimple

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Reasons Why You Really Shouldn’t Pick at That Pimple

Anyone who’s ever popped their pimples knows the feeling of looking in the mirror and experiencing the temptation of giving the pimple a little squeeze. When the pore is infected with bacteria, excess sebum and dead skin cells, an inflamed acne pimple will occur which is often filled with pus. Popping a pimple or picking at your blemishes can cause an infection to spread, and ultimately worsen your acne.

A hands-off approach is certainly the best choice when it comes to your skin. There’s a number of reasons why you definitely shouldn’t pick that pimple.

Your Skin Physically Breaks Apart

The pore is already swollen and inflamed. When you squeeze a pimple, the contents of the acne – bacteria, debris, oil, are forcibly pushed out which actually tears the skin and cause the follicle wall to rupture. As the infected material are spilled out into the dermis, you are also left with an open wound that is more susceptible to infection.

Your Pimple Worsens

Squeezing blemishes can make your pimple worse. Sometimes, even after you have squeezed out the contents of the pimple, it will come back again bigger and redder a few hours later. It could also have another pimple appear right next to it. That regular pimple can also be turned into a more serious type of blemish, such as a nodule that occurs deep within the skin. As you press on the pimple, bacteria and dirt are introduced from your finger into the zit, causing it to become infected, swollen and inflamed.

More Pimples Can Appear

While you manage to coax the pus and debris from the pimple, don’t be mistaken that that may be the end of it. You might be pushing infected material deeper into the dermis layer of the skin below while the pus is squeezed out from the pore. The bacteria, debris and oil can spread and lead to more acne breakouts.

It Can Lead to Scarring

Popping your pimples is a sure way to increase your likelihood of developing acne scars. Every time the skin is damaged, there is a possibility that the tissue will be lost as the skin heals, due to collagen production. This is also how you get pitted or depressed acne scars. The greater the damage is done to the skin, the higher the chance of tissue loss. Aside from depressed scars, dark spits can also develop. Post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation is caused by inflammation which occurs when you pop a pimple. It will likely appear once a pimple heals.

Acne Spot Treatment to Rid of Pimples

Your best bet is always to leave the pimple alone to heal or go for a safe extraction. The best acne spot treatment for your skin can help to dry the pimples out and heal them quickly. They are usually over-the-counter or prescription acne treatment products that can help clear your skin and stop minor breakouts.

However, if your acne is more severe, there are aesthetic clinics in Singapore that provide laser treatment for acne and acne scar removal procedures. The Clifford Clinic offers a range of acne treatment such as Q Switch laser treatment and Infini Acne scar treatment to eliminate your acne problems. Book an appointment with us today.

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