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Radiofrequency In Acne Treatment: Types And Benefits To Know

Radiofrequency In Acne Treatment: Types And Benefits To Know

Radiofrequency In Acne Treatment: Types And Benefits To Know

Acne, and its resulting acne scars, is an affliction that occurs not just in teens but also in a great many adults as well. For those that have them, one can relate that the imperfections they leave on the skin can cause a great deal of stress and embarrassment over their unsightly reddishness.

Over the years, dermatologists have developed plenty of ways to deal with this skin condition, employing all manners of technologies and devices specialised in treating different types of acne and scars. One of the most prominent additions to these solutions is radiofrequency (RF), and we shall discuss all you need to know about its benefits and the types we offer here at The Clifford Clinic.

What Is Radiofrequency (RF) and is it safe?

Radiofrequency is a low-intensity electromagnetic (EM) energy that has many uses in daily life, such as carrying signals to our TVs and smartphones. When used in acne treatment, it involves a highly-controlled and low EM energy that produces a reliable heating effect under the skin. Treatments that use RF offer a non-surgical procedure that leaves minimal to virtually non-existent injury to the skin. All in all, it uses a safe technology that everyone has been exposed to in their entire life and similarly poses no harm when used to treat acne.

How does it work in acne treatment?

Radiofrequency technology carries heat energy in a form equivalent to that of sunlight. To help you better understand, think of when you have left your car out under the sun. Similar to how the sun’s energy makes your car hot, RF works similarly to heat up your skin and cause small thermal wounds to the acne scar or dermis, the layer just below the topmost area of your skin. The resulting effect is that the dermis heals itself by producing new collagen while also softening the defects of scar tissue. The biggest difference between the two is that RF is far gentler than sunlight because of the lower energy it carries.

Using radiofrequency to treat acne scars

Thanks to its long wavelength, radiofrequency can easily pass into the deeper layers of our skin, causing minimal injury to its surface area as a result. Moreover, the calm heating effect it produces leads to the essential microtrauma in the skin. This stimulates the skin to regenerate and remodel scar tissues into new and healthy skin by promoting the production of collagen and elastin; the two proteins that serve as the framework of our skin and give it its firmness.

The introduction of new collagen and elastin gives more volume to your facial skin and treats scars and dimples left by acne, helping you achieve that smooth and youthful visage you have always wanted. Here at The Clifford Clinic, we pair fractional radiofrequency with our micro-needling techniques to provide non-surgical acne scar treatments for all kinds of depressed acne scars, such as ice-pick scars, boxcar scars, and rolling scars. By transferring controlled heat to specific areas of the skin, our RF micro-needling solutions effectively address deep acne scars and other common signs of ageing like fine lines and wrinkles.

As a bonus, when it comes to treating acne itself, studies have shown that RF results in promising effects in shrinking the oil glands on the face. This reduces the likelihood of blockage and infection by Propionibacterium acnes, the bacteria that is commonly associated with most acne infection cases. Radiofrequency treatment is generally effective for moderate to severe cases of acne.

Radiofrequency acne treatments @ The Clifford Clinic

At The Clifford Clinic, we offer a fine selection of acne and acne scar treatments that leverage the power of radiofrequency in combination with micro-needling, such as:


Our doctors prefer this FDA-approved fractional RF micro-needling treatment when tackling acne scar removal cases. It uses insulated needles that can reach up to 3.5mm below the skin, delivering RF energy only at the tips to reduce damage to the topmost surface while still effectively triggering collagen production. We believe this solution goes beyond fractional lasers yet produces equally impressive and satisfying results, plus a couple of desired benefits like faster healing and recovery.

Some patients may experience discomfort with the procedure, but topical anaesthesia will greatly help negate it. Bruising, swelling, and slight redness may develop post-treatment, but they should subside in a couple of days. Patients can expect 3-5 sessions spaced between 4-6-week intervals for best results, with noticeable improvements showing up as soon as the first week after initial treatment and continuing over the next six months.


Our SECRET RF deep acne scar treatment works by using the finest and most precise RF microcannula to date to confidently perform scar subcision on extremely delicate areas with virtually no bleeding or bruising. Apart from treating acne scars, this microcannula also does wonders in lifting small areas of double chin fats, jowl fats, and eye bag fats, leading to skin lifting and tightening.

For best results, we perform the treatment for 3-4 sessions, each taking about an hour to complete, spaced over 3-4 weeks. A bit of scabbing and slight redness is normal but goes away naturally in a while.


AGNES, our 2-in-1 fractional RF system, is the best acne treatment solution for stubborn and recurring acne. It works by delivering an intense but gentle current onto the pores of the targeted overactive and damaged follicles, diminishing their oil-producing glands. As a result, these smaller glands no longer produce excessive amounts of sebum, and thus the pores will now unlikely get clogged or inflamed.

Sessions typically take about half an hour, and patients can expect a 50-70% decrease in breakouts immediately after the first treatment. Past the third session, this acne clearance goes up to 90%, supported by maintenance treatments to ensure long-term results.

Key takeaways

Leveraging radiofrequency is one of the greatest breakthroughs in treating acne and the scars it may leave behind. Due to their characteristically minimal to no downtime and near-immediate results, RF treatments are undoubtedly one of the best ways to finally get rid of acne and its pesky scars!

Our doctors at The Clifford Clinic understand that acne treatments may suit certain individuals and vice versa. As such, we offer a range of effective treatments that are customised for your unique skin type and needs.

As the leading aesthetic clinic in Singapore, we prioritise your comfort and respect your choices, guaranteeing that you’re in safe and capable hands throughout the entirety of your preferred treatment process. If you’re ready to take the first step towards your acne-free journey, contact us today to book your first appointment!