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Qool Laser (Q Laser) Treatment

The Qool Laser is a cold laser treatment that has no pain and no downtime at all. Using 635 nm scanning laser diodes, the laser is able to treat various conditions by a process known as low level laser treatment (LLLT) biostimulation.

The laser does not destroy any cells at all, but instead improves skin tone, and skin condition by stimulating our own skin cells to produce essential proteins such as hyaluronic acid and elastin. Increased skin glow and better skin toning are the results of this fast and convenient treatment!

This treatment is completely performed by therapists and takes on average 10-15 minutes to complete a treatment.

Results are typically seen after an average of 3-5 treatments.

CO2 Laser Facial Treatment

The CO2 treatment is a unique laser treatment that combines two of our most effective facial treatments into a single focused and targeted treatment for improving various skin conditions.

The entire facial is a 45 minute facial, comprising our renown CO2 facial treatment and a 15 minute laser diode treatment using low level laser therapy (LLLT).

The CO2 mask restores blood microcirculation and strengthens blood vessels. Exposure to carbon dioxide is a known medical means for improving the skin condition. The penetration of carbon dioxide through the cell membrane is 25 times higher than that of oxygen. Even after the first application you will experience noticeable results. After a few applications, you will get the following results: 

  1. Skin rejuvenation; 
  2. Revitalizing feel of active oxygen saturating the skin; 
  3. Activation of metabolic processes in the skin, 
  4. Improves elasticity and skin structure at the cellular level; 
  5. Provides a marked lifting effect; 
  6. Gives a noticeable whitening effect
  7. Reduces appearance of uneven skin, e.g after acne scars

The second phase of the CO2 treatment includes a diode laser treatment using LLLT to create photobiostimulation of the skin, leading to improved cellular metabolism and doubling up on the rejuvenative effects of the treatment.

The treatment does not have any downtime and is completely painless. The treatment is entirely performed by therapists.

Results can be seen about 1-4 weeks after each treatment, and on average 3-5 treatments are necessary to see best results.

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