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$80.00 Exc GST 9%

1 x 30ml bottle of ROSACURE® Fast Emulsion Gel.

Topical gel for treatment of Rosacea.

ROSACURE® Fast, for treating Rosacea, is a fast-acting combination of MSM to inhibit the release of inflammatory skin chemicals, now combined with the unique patented ingredient 4-t-butylcyclohexanol which short circuits nerve triggered reddening events including reducing the impact of nerve stimuli triggered by diet and hormonal issues. Polyglutamic acid improves the skins tolerance levels by reducing sensory triggering and improving lipid and epidermal structures which normalise skin response to triggers and raises the skin tolerance thresholds.

This combination of ingredients show significant redness improvements in 10 to 42 days in 75% of cases in clinical dermatology-controlled hospital trials.

Rosacure® Fast comes in a cream-gel to improve application and absorption. It also reduces the skin’s reactivity to sensitising triggers and is extremely well tolerated. Improvement continues with repeated use.