PILOSE Anti-Hair Loss Set 3-in-1
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PILOSE Anti-Hair Loss Set 3-in-1

$168.00 Exc GST 9%

PILOSE Anti-Hair Loss Set 3-in-1

Consists of 3 PILOSE products:

  1. PILOSE Condensed Activating Hair Serum
  2. PILOSE Revitalizing Follicle Hair Spray
  3. PILOSE Hair Conditioning Shampoo

Do you suffer from early hair loss and thinning hair? Then you need Pilose hair growth serum.

There are many substances that have been found to help support healthy growth of follicles.  Up till now, one had to choose which one to believe, whether it was sulfur, or growth factors, etc.  Then you needed another few months to try that product to determine if it worked.

What if someone were to compile all the substances proven to grow hair into a single product, for convenience and effect.  Call it a shotgun approach, but somehow it seems to work.  That’s kind of what this product is about.

Pilose contains a variety of hair growing products.  Namely:

Scalp elasticity improvement

zinc + pyridoxine, biotin, D-Panthenol & Selenium

Hair follicle keratinocyte differentiation stimulation

OPC-Oligomeric Proanthocyanidin

Sebum secretion normalization


Anti-inflammation & anti-oxidant

OPC, Copper peptide, selenium

Cuticle Protection & Recovery

Bio-peptides CL & Biotin

Synthesis Stimulation


Vascularization improvement

Apigenin & copper peptide

Growth promotion & TGF-Beta suppression

OPC-Oligomeric Proanthocyanidin

Get Pilose today to solve your hair loss problems.  Your scalp will thank you!