Clifford Intensive Pigmentation Serum 30ml
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Clifford Intensive Pigmentation Serum 30ml

$150.00 Exc GST 9%

1 x 30ml bottle of Clifford Intensive Pigmentation Serum

A serum specially formulated to target pigmentation  and discolouration for more radiant skin.

Suitable for skin pigmentation and discolouration on all skin types.

Clifford Intensive Pigmentation Serum is specially formulated to target skin pigmentation and discolouration. It is effective in reducing stubborn dark spots from most causes, including post-acne pigmentation scars.

Key components include vitamin B3 and Tranexanic acid, which both reduces and prevents skin pigmentation

  • Improves skin radiance while reducing pigmentation
  • Effectively complements other skin pigmentation treatments, such as chemical peels and CO2 Laser.
  • Free of artifical fragances
  • With continued use, reduces likelyhood of pigmentation reoccuring

To use, apply 3 -5 drops on the desired area twice daily and massage gently into the skin.

Avoid excessive sun exposure while using this product

Do not use on existing wounds, rashes or other forms of irritation. Cease usage if irritation occurs from use and consult a doctor if needed.