Clifford Growth Factor Serum 30ml

$150.00 Exc GST 7%

1 x 30ml bottle of Clifford Growth Factor Serum

Stems cells in the serum accelerates cell repair in the skin, restoring depressions caused by acne scars and other ailments.


Clifford Growth Factor Serum is an Epidermal Growth Factor serum (EGF serum) ideal for complementing your skincare regimens and other treatments.

EGF is a naturally occuring protein in the human skin, which serves crucial functions such as collagen and elastin production. In our serum, the EGF content is derived from stem cells custom sourced from South Korea.

Clifford Growth Factor Serum is effective in the following:

  • Stimulating collagen production, boosting tissue regeneration
  • Repairing depressions in the skin, including atrophic acne scars
  • Accelerating skin recovery after treatment procedures
  • Brightening hyperpigmentation
  • Reducing wrinkles and fine lines

Clifford Growth Factor Serum suitable for anyone who wishes to boost natural skin regenerative processes to achieve younger skin. It is especially useful in complementing other treatments for acne scars.

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