Aknicare Combi 30’s
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Aknicare Combi 30’s

$65.00 Exc GST 9%

One month supply of Aknicare Combi Supplement (30 tablets)

Oral Supplements to complement your anti-acne regimen.

Complementing your anti-acne regimen, Aknicare Combi targets the acne causing factors from inside out. The synergistic combination of Epigallocatechin gallate and Zinc gluconate targets the pathogenesis of acne and counteracts the effect of IGF-1 (Insuline-Similar Growth Factor). Bolstered with niacin, to improve overall skin health and skin barrier function to prevent bacterial activity on the skin.

Findings have shown that excessive IGF-1, a protein hormone produced by the liver, can multiply cells that can cause hyperkeratinisation (excessive dead skin cells) and excess sebum production. These are two key acne causing factors.

Instructions: Take one every morning after food.