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Permanent Armpit Sweat Reduction and Armpit Odor Reduction - No Botox!

Do you suffer from embarrassing armpit sweat, armpit perspiration, and armpit odor? Would you like to have armpit sweat reduction and armpit odor reduction?

Stop suffering in Silence!

Many of our patients have been suffering with this problem because of the many social implications of excessive armpit sweating and armpit odor. As a result they shy away from social situations, and dress excessively to hide their problem. In fact, one of our patients has not worn a sleeveless dress or shirt for ten years! Are you that patient? If you are, then rest assured, help is at hand.

What is Focal Hyperhidrosis?

Focal Hyperhidrosis is a condition affecting 3% of the population, causing excessive sweating in a particular area, such as the armpits, soles of feet, groin or palms.  This condition is associated with excess odor and bad smell due to overgrowth of bacteria in that area.

Because of focal hyperhidrosis, many people suffer from social problems such as:

  • – frequently changing clothing due to underarm sweating
  • – missing out on social events and gatherings
  • – challenges with romantic relationships

In fact, up to one third of sufferers describe their symptoms as significantly affecting their quality of life.

What Causes Excessive Armpit Sweating (Hyperhidrosis)?

The cause of excessive armpit perspiration is not known.  What we do know is that it occurs at the ages of adolescence and all the way up to adulthood.  The mechanism of this is due to excessive nerve impulses from the autonomic nervous system of the body, which overstimulates the sweat glands.

What Causes Excessive Armpit Odor and Body Odor?

There are 2 kinds of sweat glands in the body.  The most common type are known as the eccrine glands and these secrete the watery/salty type of sweat.  In areas where there are a lot of hair follicles, there is a special type of sweat gland known as apocrine glands.  These glands secrete a milky secretion which, when it comes into contact with bacteria, is broken down into a smelly substance. This is the source of the characteristic body or armpit odor.

The Permanent Solution to Armpit Sweating


At The Clifford Clinic, our doctors have been treating Excessive Armpit Sweating and Bad Armpit Odor for over ten years, with excellent results.  While most other clinics prefer to use Botox to treat armpit odor and sweating, we like to have a more lasting approach to this problem.

The preferred solution is using Deep Radiofrequency to shrink the sweat glands.  Using FDA approved, patented technology from Korea and USA, the Deep Radiofrequency device focuses energy at the level of the sweat glands that produce excessive armpit sweat.  These treated glands reduce in size and sweat production, leading to a more normal level of sweating and drastically reduced odor problems.

The treatment is a short fifteen-minute treatment which is easily tolerable and does not need any injections.

Usually, 3-4 sessions are sufficient to reduce armpit sweating by up to 70%, bringing it back to its normal physiological state.  More importantly, this treatment is able to target both eccrine and apocrine glands, so it is able to reduce BOTH WETNESS and SMELL.

After the procedure, the skin overlying the treated area will be slightly red.  This usually last for up to one week.  Some patients may experience temporary darkening of the skin around the armpits due to the inflammation, but this usually resolves after a few months.

After the treatment course, the sweating is permanently reduced.  However, due to regeneration of the sweat glands, some sweating may recur in a few patients after some years.  This would require a top up treatment subsequently.

Deep RF can treat armpits and groin sweating.  For treating sweaty palms and feet, we will usually use Botox microinjections for these areas.

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