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Nucleofill: What To Know About This Anti-Ageing Revolution

Nucleofill: What To Know About This Anti-Ageing Revolution

Nucleofill: What To Know About This Anti-Ageing Revolution

Given the high-stress working environment in Singapore and our sunny island’s warm and humid climate, it is no surprise to learn that many Singaporeans are actively looking for innovative skincare treatments to keep their skin plump and supple. After all, there is nothing more debilitating to a youthful look than dehydrated skin constantly under high oxidative stress.

However, with plenty of treatments available on the market proclaiming to be the cure-all for your ageing skin, it can be challenging to decide what is best for your skin. And with the introduction of the revolutionary Nucleofill treatment, you may be wondering if this innovative product is the ideal solution for you. Well, fret not! Let us share more about this anti-ageing revolution so that you can have a better idea of whether the treatment is suited for you.

How does Nucleofill help to regenerate your skin?

Nucleofill is a skin injectable treatment that has been clinically validated to achieve deep skin renewal and construction through skin bio-stimulation. It works on three levels – skin lifting, antioxidation effect, and skin hydration – to give the effect of clear, revitalised skin.

Let us further explore how this result is achieved:

1. Skin Lifting: Nucleofill contains polynucleotides, which affects our skin’s fibroblast receptors. The treatment stimulates specific membrane receptions on your fibroblasts and initiates the formation of elastin and type-one collagen, leading to improved skin elasticity. Furthermore, these polynucleotides are instrumental in enhancing the myofibroblasts in the skin, providing a strong skin lifting effect.

2. Antioxidant effect: The polynucleotides found in Nucleofill work to eliminate the occurrence of free radicals, leading to a reduction of oxidative stress in the skin. Additionally, its strong antioxidant effects safeguard the skin’s protective layers and collagen fibres from being damaged.

3. Skin hydration: Nucleofill’s hydrating effects can be traced back to the polynucleotides’ ability to bind water molecules at the cellular level, allowing for long-lasting iso-osmotic hydration of the skin.

After undergoing the treatment process, you may notice your skin becoming tighter and more moisturised. There may also be visible improvements in skin elasticity, and you may observe fewer fine lines and wrinkles. However, as with most skincare procedures, you will need to undergo regular follow-up treatments to sustain the results.

When is Nucleofill recommended?

Nucleofill is ideal for those whose skin is:

  • Hypoxic
  • Dehydrated
  • Exposed to oxidative stress

Additionally, if you noticed a deterioration of the shape of your face, a loss of skin hydration and firmness, or thin, atrophic skin, you may want to consult our aesthetic doctors about this procedure and what it can do to rejuvenate your skin.

Fortunately, Nucleofill is suited for most individuals seeking aesthetic treatments, regardless of skin type and age. The product does not contain any allergenic or sensitising substances and is completely natural and safe.

However, at-risk individuals suffering from skin infections, blood diseases, or cancer are recommended to avoid Nucleofill. If you are pregnant or breastfeeding your baby, you should also abstain from this procedure for the time being. Rest assured that our specialists will assess your eligibility for the treatment during your consultation session.

What can you expect during the treatment?

After an aesthetic doctor has determined your suitability for the treatment and assessed the condition of your skin, they will proceed with the treatment, which is typically administered via one of two ways – through microdeposits into the affected skin areas or the bolus deposit technique (a ten-point injection technique, with five points on each side of the face, which is known to increase aesthetic outcomes and efficacy).

Patients undergoing the procedure may experience some discomfort in the targeted areas of the skin. So, if you are sensitive to pain and are concerned about this side effect, do not hesitate to let your doctor know about this, as topical numbing cream can be applied to alleviate some of the pain.

The condition of your skin and your desired outcome will also impact your treatment procedure. Additionally, regular follow-ups are needed to prolong the effects of Nucleofill and ensure your skin remains plump and supple. Feel free to seek advice from our specialists to determine the recommended schedule for you to achieve your desired aesthetic outcome.

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The benefits of bio-stimulation to our skin are well-documented, with plenty of evidence and clinical research to substantiate its widespread use in aesthetic medicine. Despite having plenty of other anti-ageing skin injectables such as Rejuran Healer and Profhilo available, Nucleofill has succeeded in differentiating itself from other similar products on the market thanks to its unique innovations.

If you are deliberating on whether Nucleofill is the ideal solution for your skin, consider heading down to our aesthetic clinic and consulting our experienced aesthetic doctors. Our specialists possess decades of hands-on experience assisting a wide array of clients with their aesthetic needs – from hair transplants, acne treatments to dermal fillers, they are more than uniquely qualified to answer any queries you may have on the procedure. Contact us to book your appointment today.