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Nose Fillers FAQ with The Clifford Clinic

Nose Fillers FAQ with The Clifford Clinic

Nose fillers can make your nose look higher or sharper – and you don’t even have to go under the knife!  The Clifford Clinic answers the most frequently asked questions about this popular non-surgical nose augmentation procedure.

What are nose fillers?

This is an aesthetic treatment where injectable fillers like Restylane, Juverderm or Radiesse are used to refine the shape of a person’s nose. The fillers use compounds that are very similar to the ones found in our skin. They are cleared to be safe for use for facial contouring.

What can nose fillers fix?

Nose fillers can fill in a flat nose to make it look taller or higher. It can also enhance the shape of your nose tip, or balance your nose shape so your nostrils don’t look big.

Nose fillers are sometimes used to correct “bumps” on the nose bridge or saddle nose deformity from a badly-executed rhinoplasty.

This treatment can’t make a nose smaller, but it can give you the appearance of a smaller nose by making it look straighter. It can’t correct structural deformities.

What are pain levels and risks?

Since you are given an anesthetic or numbing cream, your pain will be very minimal. You will only need a few injections, based on the nose shape you desire.

Bruising and swelling are very minimal and usually subside within a few days. Like all aesthetic procedures, there are a very small chance that your body will react to the injections, but these only occur if the fillers are not high-quality or are “fakes.” The Clifford Clinic only users that are certified and proven to be safe for facial contouring.

Will my nose look natural?

Yes! While you do see a visible improvement, it is very subtle and natural. Your appearance is enhanced, but you don’t look like you’ve had work done.

Your doctors at The Clifford Clinic will also explain what to expect during your initial consultation. We will be happy to show you pictures to give you an idea of what your new nose will look like.

How long will the results last?

Results vary between 1 to 2 years. You can have follow-up fillers to enhance or prolong your nose shape.

Can I use nose fillers with other treatments?

Yes. Nose fillers can be combined with a nose threadlift. Your doctor may recommend this depending on your facial shape and the desired results.

To find out if you will need nose fillers, nose threadlift or a combination of both, schedule your personal consultation with The Clifford Clinic.

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