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Non-Shave FUE: The Long Hair Alternative To FUE Transplant

Non-Shave FUE: The Long Hair Alternative To FUE Transplant

Non-Shave FUE: The Long Hair Alternative To FUE Transplant

With the leap in medical technology in recent years, it is no surprise that the field of plastic surgery has seen similar rapid advancement, making procedures that were once thought of as impossible a reality now.

Among them, traditional Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) hair transplant has reached a breakthrough that delivers exceptional results: Non-shave FUE hair transplant.

Non-shave FUE is a long hair transplant procedure that does not call for shaving the head prior to the treatment. This is unlike a conventional FUE hair transplant that requires the hair to be partly or entirely shaved before the procedure begins.

For some, this may be a notable concern. Not everyone feels comfortable shaving their hair. This is especially so for female patients. However, with non-shave FUE, the entire hair shaft and its roots are removed. This enables long hair transplantation. With virtually no downtime, it is ideal for a typical Singaporean’s busy lifestyle.

In this article, we share all you need to know about the long hair alternative to the traditional FUE transplant.

How non-shave FUE works

To help tackle receding hairlines and hair loss, the FUE hair transplant in Singapore is a popular procedure among locals and non-locals alike. Using small hair punches, the hair grafts are extracted by creating a circular incision surrounding each follicular unit prior to removing the entire unit. These punches tend to be extremely sharp and may easily cause damage to the hair follicles if the head is not shaven. Thus, the donor region is often shaved before the grafts are retrieved in order to safeguard the hair grafts.

However, we use a specialized hair punch at The Clifford Clinic. It allows incisions to be produced surrounding the follicular unit without harming the hair shaft. The cleverly designed hair punch features cutting edges similarly sharp to those of ordinary punches. It also contains little blunt-edged grooves or notches along the rim. When the incision is made, these blunt grooves shield the hair shaft. This enables the entire hair to be removed while remaining intact for subsequent transplanting.


The non-shave FUE is quite similar to conventional FUE hair transplant. However, you do not need to shave your head prior to the procedure.

Before identifying the donor as well as transplant locations on your head, our professional hair technicians and doctors will first evaluate the condition of your existing hair. They will then make small incisions using a specialized punch to harvest the hair grafts from the donor area without harming the hair shaft. Afterward, the grafts are thoroughly examined before being planted into the desired areas. Each hair graft will be implanted in the most suitable orientation and position for optimal and natural-looking results. The entire process will last between four to eight hours depending on how many grafts are transplanted.

Some side effects might occur:

  • Infection or inflammation of the hair follicles
  • Itching
  • Bruising and bleeding on the scalp

These side effects are often easily manageable and mild. But it is recommended to contact our doctors for an assessment of your condition should they persist for several days.

Differences between regular and non-shave FUE hair transplant

Non-shave FUE hair transplant takes more precision, experience, and expertise from the hair technicians and doctors performing the procedure than traditional FUE hair transplant. Moreover, it is typically more time-consuming. This is due to the following reasons:

  • It requires more work to locate suitable areas on the scalp to transplant the hair grafts as the head is not shaved.
  • Special care must be taken to extract the follicular unit with the entire hair shaft length intact.
  • The hair shaft is often curved in a certain direction. Hence, the hair technician needs to make sure that the extracted grafts are placed in the proper direction to match the existing hair’s flow.

Besides the points mentioned above, the benefits of non-shave FUE are apparent right away:

  • People may not even know you had a hair transplant as there are no outward indications of any procedure performed.
  • Your natural and existing hair will conceal any scars acquired from the procedure.
  • There is essentially minimal to no downtime when it comes to non-shave FUE. Patients can generally resume their usual sedentary activities in just one to two days.

Try non-shave FUE hair transplant @ The Clifford Clinic today!

Non-shave FUE hair transplant makes for a great alternative for self-conscious individuals seeking hair transplant without needing to shave their heads. After all, our hair strongly influences the way we portray our confident selves.

The Clifford Clinic understands the importance of having hair that boosts your confidence. You can never go wrong with our reputable and knowledgeable doctors. To help you reclaim your crown and restore those luscious locks, let our doctors guide you every step of the way. Apart from regular and non-shave FUE, our certified doctors are equipped with the expertise and experience for acne removal, and acne marks removal with our acne and acne scar treatments in Singapore. Simply call us to schedule an appointment today!