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No-Downtime Acne Scar Treatment With Profhilo® And Gold PTT

No-Downtime Acne Scar Treatment With Profhilo® And Gold PTT

No-Downtime Acne Scar Treatment with Profhilo® and Gold PTT with VBeam Prima

Acne scarring is a common problem affecting people all ages, and many people are actively seeking treatment to rid themselves of these unsightly marks. However, many of these acne scar treatments tend to have a post-treatment downtime, which may turn some away. If you are bothered by acne scars but are concerned about the treatment downtime, you can consider the No-Downtime Acne Scar Treatment offered by The Clifford Clinic. This treatment combines 2 of our signature procedures: Profhilo® and Gold PTT with VBeam Prima, both of which aims to tackle acne scars by enhancing collagen production in the skin.

How do acne scars form?

Acne scars are the unsightly remnants of an acne outbreak, which occurs when pores of the skin are clogged with oily sebum, dead skin cells and bacterial remains. Most of the time, acne heals quickly and completed when left undisturbed. However, in severe cases, the affected pores can become inflamed and possibly cystic, damaging tissue and support protein like collagen in the skin. Acne scars are formed when the damaged tissue and proteins are not properly replaced and repaired, leaving a distinct uneven, pockmarked skin surface.

Acne scars usually come in 3 distinct types: Atrophic scars, hypertrophic scars and post-inflammatory pigmentation. Atrophic scars look like depressions in the skin and are usually categorised into further subtypes (ice pick, boxcar or rolling scars) depending on how the depressions look like. Hypertrophic scars are the opposite of atrophic scars and appear as raised spots on the skin. Post-inflammatory pigmentation are small, darkened spots on the skin which usually surface after inflamed acne had occurred, and can appear together with atrophic or hypertrophic scars.

Many acne scar treatments specifically target one type of acne scars and have limited effects on the other types. However, Clifford Clinic’s No-Downtime Acne Scar Treatment can address all types of acne scars as it acts on the natural regenerative processes in the skin. The treatment has 2 components that complement each other well: Profhilo® and Gold PTT with VBeam Laser treatment.

What is Profhilo® and what does it do?

Profhilo® is one of the latest Hyaluronic acid (HA) skin injectables on the market designed to tighten the skin and restore elasticity. Profhilo® is unique among other HA-based skin injectables as it is neither a dermal filler nor skin booster. Rather, Profhilo® achieves its effects via bio-remodelling of skin support structures like collagen and elastin.

Profhilo® treatment for acne scars is different from dermal filler treatment, despite the similar HA component. Dermal fillers aim to directly fill out the depressions in the skin caused by atrophic acne scars, directly replacing the lost volume. On the other hand, Profhilo® directly influences skin regenerative processes. After injection, the HA complexes in Profhilo® will slowly break down and release HA into the dermis, improving hydration and skin repair via bio-remodelling of skin collagen.

How Gold PTT treatment work?

Gold PTT treatment with VBeam Prima is another one of Clifford’s signature treatments. It is primarily used in the treatment of active acne, but is effective in addressing wrinkles, fine lines and acne scars as well because of its collagen stimulating effects.

During treatment, an ampoule containing gold nanoparticles is applied to the skin. These nanoparticles are delivered into the pores of the skin using low-frequency ultrasound from Bellasonic, an ultrasound therapy device imported from South Korea. The VBeam Prima Laser is then used to excite the gold nanoparticles, heating them up. These nanoparticles act as focal points, allowing laser energy to penetrate the upper layers of the skin and concentrate on specific points in the dermis.

The heat from the gold nanoparticles stimulates the surrounding dermis to increase collagen production. This has a skin tightening effect, levelling out atrophic acne scars. Additionally, wrinkles and fine lines are also reduced, and patients can enjoy overall smoother and younger-looking complexion.

Furthermore, because Gold PTT is primarily used in the treatment of active acne, patients can simultaneously address both acne and acne scars together.

Combining Profhilo® and Gold PTT treatment – A no-downtime acne scar treatment

At The Clifford Clinic, we offer a no-downtime acne scar treatment utilising the collagen-boosting effects of Gold PTT with VBeam Prima treatment and Profhilo®. As both treatment work on similar principles, which is the stimulation of collagen production in the dermis, the 2 treatments complement each other well when performed together.

Gold PTT will directly stimulate dermal fibroblasts to actively produce more collagen. At the same time, HA in Profhilo® boosts natural skin regeneration and improve hydration, further enhancing the effects of the Gold PTT on collagen production. The 2 treatments synergise with each other to improve natural skin repair, levelling out uneven skin caused by acne scars.

If you are bothered by acne scars, feel free to arrange a consultation with our doctors at The Clifford Clinic. They have over 10 years of experience in managing patients with acne and acne scars, and will do their best to help you with their professional expertise and experience. Other than the No-Downtime Acne Scar Treatment, they also provide other effective acne scar treatments as well as acne treatments in Singapore and will tailor a customised treatment package for you based on your condition.