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Find a safe pre-pregnancy acne treatment

Are you planning to have a baby?

Aside from changing your diet and lifestyle, you also need to change your skincare routine. In fact, there are many anti-acne creams and pills that should never be taken during pregnancy. Since you won’t immediately know when you have conceived, it’s better to change your acne treatment the moment you decide you’d like to have a baby.

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Skincare ingredients to avoid during pregnancy

What will happen to my skin without anti-acne treatments?

Hormonal changes during pregnancy, or triggered by some fertility drugs, cause the skin to produce more oil. Even people who have had no skin problems in the past may suddenly experience “pregnancy breakouts.” The risk is even higher for those who already have a history of acne, or are currently undergoing acne treatments.

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Personally customized treatment for your needs

It’s important to take extra precautions when you’re pregnant, because your decisions affect not just you but also your baby. That’s why instead of buying acne products off the shelves – where you aren’t sure if the ingredients listed on the label are safe for your child – just go to a skincare professional such as The Clifford Clinic.

Dr. Gerard Ee of The Clifford Clinic has helped many of his clients control their acne during pregnancy. He will be able to customize a treatment that you can start now, then safely continue throughout your pregnancy and even while nursing your baby. As a trained, licensed and experienced doctor, he knows which ingredients and treatments that have been clinically proven to be effective and safe for you and your baby.

Since consistency is important for any successful skincare regimen, then get a “baby-safe” acne treatment right away. This prevents you from having to stop or experiment with your acne products once you realize you’re pregnant.

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