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Laser Eye Lift

Do you suffer from wrinkled, droopy or saggy eyelids?

Are you troubled by fine lines around your eye area?

Would you like to give your eyes a refreshed appearance?

Tired looking eyes are a common problem with aging eyes.  As time catches up with you, your skin loses collagen and elasticity.  This is most apparent where skin is thinnest, which is around the eyes.

Do this simple test, pinch up the skin on your cheeks, then the forehead, and then above and below your eyes?  What did you notice?  Skin around your eyes is the thinnest on your face.  That’s the main reason why the eyes is the first place where aging of the face occurs.

IF you’ve noticed that you’re aging around the eyes, then it’s time to take definitive action.  This is because as skin ages further, the collagen loss gets worse, and the drooping can only get worse.

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What's the solution?

In order to fix this, one can either get surgery, where a portion of skin is cut out and stitched together to remove the excess flap of droopy skin.  This causes scarring, downtime and swelling.  The other solution is to stimulate collagen using our non-invasive laser treatments.  Using our signature eye-lifting laser, we are able to encourage the skin to produce the best kind of collagen – your own!  As collagen is restored to the skin, the elasticity returns and a natural lifting effect is achieved.

This laser eye lift has the benefits in that it is non-invasive, there is no surgery, and only minimal downtime and swelling.

While it is non-invasive, several sessions are required to achieve the optimum results. The other disadvantage is that if you have severe sagging, you might not be a good candidate for this treatment.  Therefore it is advisable to treat early signs of sagging with our laser eye lift early.  However, most of our patients will notice some results from the first treatment.  In addition, the laser eye lift has the added benefit of reducing fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes.

Don’t hesitate, get treated for your droopy, wrinkled eyelids today.

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