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Is the Nose Thread Lift for you?

Nose Thread Lift for you

Is the Nose Thread Lift for you?

You don’t need to go under the knife to have a sharper, more defined nose. The nose thread lift is a short 15-minute procedure that just needs local anesthesia and can be done in the comfortable interiors of The Clifford Clinic.

Why do people ask for a nose threadlift?

More and more people are looking for non-invasive alternatives to rhinoplasty. Some are concerned by downtime. “I can’t take time off work to wait for bruising and swelling to subside,” says Elise F., 29. Others are worried by health risks or have a general fear of going under the knife. “Even if I know my doctor is very good, I just really am scared of hospitals and surgery!” says Anna R, 37.  Many also feel that a non-surgical noselift will look more natural. They aren’t looking for a big change in their nose size or shape. They just want their nosetip to look sharper, or for their nose to look taller and more defined.

It’s also common for people to ask for a nosethread lift when they want something more permanent than fillers but aren’t ready to commit to rhinoplasty. Results can last for several years, but there are cases when the nose height dips slightly.

What happens during a nose threadlift?

Your doctor will inject anesthesia into your nose tip. Then, he will insert the special threads. These are a lot like surgical threads which doctors use to close wounds after an operation. They provide a kind of structure and support to your nose. Your body will produce tissue that forms around them, creating your new shape. The results are very natural looking since you are not dramatically changing your facial features – you’re enhancing them!

Depending on the nose shape you want, your doctor will first work on nose bridge, and then the nose tip. You will be awake during the procedure, but since you will be under anesthesia, you won’t feel pain. Patients usually say the pain level is similar to having nose fillers.

It’s common to have some bruising and swelling after the procedure. It is noticeable, but not alarming.   People won’t stare at you when you walk out of the clinic, but they may notice the small bump when they’re talking to you face-to-face. The bruise subsides quickly and you’ll be able to go back to your usual routine the next day.

Is a nose threadlift safe?

This procedure is actually considered safer than fillers. With injectibles, there’s the risk of puncturing small blood vessels that can constrict blood flow, leading to complications that affect the eye and skin.

Can I get the results I want with a nose threadlift?

Everyone’s nose is different. For a clearer idea if this aesthetic procedure is for you, visit The Clifford Clinic for a personal consultation.  Visit this page for more detailed information on the Nose Thread Lift!

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