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Is Eye Bag Removal Permanent?

Is Eye Bag Removal Permanent?

Eye bags are a very common problem in the present society, as the fast-paced lifestyle accelerates aging processes which promote their formation. Fortunately, eye bag removal procedures are well-established, from surgical approaches like the scarless eye bag removal surgery to non-surgical approaches like AGNES and Secret RF. However, many people are concerned about the longevity of the results after these procedures, and hence hesitate to receive treatment. Do eye bag removal procedures have permanent results?

How are eye bags formed?

Before we discuss the approaches to remove eye bags, let us first look at how eye bags form.

Eye bags are formed when fat deposits beneath the eyes, known as suborbital fat pads, accumulate into a visible bulge beneath the eyes. in younger individuals, these fat pads are usually not visible as the skin is taut and high elastic at the same time, supported by collagen fibres in the dermis. The taut skin conceals these fatty deposits such that they are not visible on the face
However, the case is different for older skin affected by aging processes. Collagen production slows down significantly in aging skin, eventually slowing down so much that the skin begins to lose collagen. Without the support structures, the skin loses elasticity and begins to sag, which allows the accumulated fat pads to show through the skin, forming the familiar eye bags.

How do you get rid of bags under the eyes?

Eye bag removal procedures – Surgical and non-surgical approaches
Typically, eye bag removal has 2 main objectives – removing the fatty tissue and tightening the upper cheek skin if necessary. Both surgical and non-surgical approaches are based on these principles.

Surgical eye bag removal

The most straightforward approach to remove eye bags is via surgical removal. There are various surgical procedures associated with eye bag removal. Depending on the severity of the eye bags, a different combination of these procedures may be performed.

  • Scarless eye bag removal surgery (Transconjunctival blepharoplasty) – This is by far the most common and popular surgical approach to remove eye bags. Like the name suggests, the procedure leaves no visible scars on the surface of the skin as the incision to remove the fatty deposits are made on the inner surface of the lower eyelids.


  • Transcutaneous blepharoplasty – This is the traditional approach to remove eye bags, where the incision to remove the fat is made on the surface of the skin. The surgeon will make the incision along the lower eyelid line so the scars are hardly visible. However, this approach is not usually used unless in very severe cases where the mid-cheek tissue needs to be lifted. Most surgeons and patients will prefer the scarless approach as it has a lower downtime and leaves no visible scars.


  • Pinch blepharoplasty – Whenever necessary, this procedure is performed to remove excess skin beneath the eyes when simply removing the fat is insufficient. The surgeon will “pinch” a fold of skin at the outer corner of the eyes and excise it with a pair of surgical scissors before closing the incision with sutures. As mentioned, the incisions are made along the lower eyelid line to make them inconspicuous

Surgical approaches to remove eye will involve one of the 2 procedures to remove the fat deposits, and pinch blepharoplasty if needed. All of these will be performed under a local anaesthetic to minimise pain and discomfort.

Non-surgical eye bag removal – AGNES and Secret Radiofrequency treatment

At Clifford, our unique non-surgical eye bag removal treatment involves the combined treatment of AGNES and Secret Radiofrequency treatments (AGNES and Secret RF).

This treatment uses several micro-needles to deliver RF energy directly into the subcutaneous tissue, breaking down the fat tissue which are then transported away by our body as waste products. Eventually, all the fat tissue is broken down and removed by our body, removing the eye bags.

AGNES utilises fixed-depth insulated micro-needles to deliver RF energy concentrated at the tip. This allows AGNES to deliver RF energy precisely to the depth where the fat pads are located. On the other hand, Secret RF delivers a more controlled spread of RF energy over the entire needle, allowing the doctor to target specific fat deposits that AGNES’s precision might miss.

When combined together, the 2 treatments procedures complement each other well, providing a well-rounded treatment to effectively break down the fat pads beneath the eyes, removing eye bags. With a suitable treatment to tighten the skin afterwards, some people even see results that are comparable to surgical removal.

Is eye bag removal permanent?

This question may appear simple and have a straightforward answer, but it really depends on what you define as “permanent” in this case.
In the most basic sense, both surgical and non-surgical approaches do indeed remove the fat pads permanently. The surgical approach directly excises the fat from under the skin, while fat broken down by AGNES and Secret RF is transported away and discharged as waste permanently. in both cases, the removed fat does not return to the area beneath the eyes.

However, even though the fat pads are removed, the aging processes that lead to eye bags are still going on. If these processes are not kept in control, new fat tissue can still accumulate under the eyes, forming new eye bags over a couple of years. Nonetheless, this only happens in cases where the patient continues to have unhealthy lifestyle habits after removing their eye bags. The same factors that accelerate the aging processes causing your eye bags in the first place can similarly bring your eye bags back if you do not take care of your skin well. Hence, it is especially important to maintain a healthy lifestyle and slow these aging processes. With this, you can confident bid farewell to your eye bags permanently.

How much does it cost to remove eye bags?

At Clifford Clinic, we offer both surgical and non-surgical approaches to remove eye bags. You may call in to 6532 2400 to get an estimated cost on the two procedures.

Our doctors and surgeons have over 10 years of experience in their respective disciplines and have helped many patients with their eye bags throughout their practice. In addition, Clifford Clinic also offers many treatments that promote skin rejuvenation such as Profhilo and Rejuran Healer to follow up on your eye bag removal and slow down aging processes. If you are troubled by eye bags, do visit us for a consultation to get our doctors’ professional advice.

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