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How Long Does Profhilo Last

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How Long Does Profhilo Last

Author: Dr Branden Seow

Prohilo has become one of the popular aesthetic treatments of late. It is now one of the commonly sought-after treatments to help with regaining a more youthful look. Prohilo does this by:

  • Exerting a firming, tightening and lifting effect on the skin
  • Renders enhanced hydration to the face
  • Giving a dewy and plumper-looking complexion

Prohilo contains one of the highest concentrations of hyaluronic acid (HA) on the market (64mg / 2ml). Hyaluronic acid is the component that helps to retain moisture and hydrate the skin, as well as stimulate of the body to create collagen, improving the skin as a result.

HA can also be found in topical products, like facial creams or serum. As compared to such topical product, Prohilo is injected directly into the superficial deep layer of the skin. 5 points of injection are required on the left side and right side of the cheeks, otherwise also known as the BAP (bio-aesthetic point technique). Such a technique ensures the Profilo is evenly distributed and absorbed into the skin, for effective remodelling of the skin to occur.

There could be some discomfort when the injection is done. However, the discomfort is mostly tolerable. Numbing cream before the procedure could be applied to further alleviate the discomfort.

After the injections are done, there will be 5 mosquito-bite like bumps at the site of the injection. This is necessary because the injection cannot be done too deep. If there is no bump, it just means that the Prohilo may have gone in too deep into the skin. This may result in reduced efficacy of the Prohilo. These bumps will usually go away the next day, with some patients taking up to three days for the bumps to totally resolve. Otherwise, Prohilo is a safe procedure that comes with minimal downtime and side-effect.

How long can Profhilo last? How many sessions do you need?

One of the commonly asked question is how long Prohilo can last, and as such, how many treatments are necessary to create the result you desire. We will share our experiences on how long Prohilo can last in this section of the article.

At the The Clifford Clinic, three sessions of Profhilo are usually recommended, spaced 1 month apart. One syringe of Profhilo is used in each treatment session. One syringe of Profhilo is 2ml in volume. With each session, the skin absorbs the HA and HA will spread in the skin of the face and stimulate your own collagen and elastin. We find that three sessions usually give much better results and sustenance than just two sessions in two months only. The three sessions at this initial phase will help to build up the collagen and elastin to its optimal level, after which top-up of Profhilo would be needed to maintain the hydration and glow that Profhilo renders.

How long Profihlo lasts after the initial three sessions varies from individual to individual. On average, most patients return every 6 months for a maintenance therapy of Profilo to maintain the skin’s hydraton and glow from the previous sessions of Profihlo. Some patents may return after 9 months, depending on when they feel the effect of Profihlo is wearing off.

There is no upper limit or cap as to how many Profilo a patient can take. It is to the benefit of the patient to have regular Profilo session to upkeep the quality of the skin and to maintain the glow. Some of our patients love the effect of Prohilo so much that they do it once a month.

How does Prohilo compare with dermal filler?

Let’s talk about Profhilo VS FillersDermal filler can be made up of hyaluronic acid or non- hyaluronic acid. Its objective, as its name suggest, is to fill up areas where there is loss in volume on the face that comes naturally with aging. Filler does not contribute to the glow of the skin.

Prohilo does not help with filling up of volume at all. It mainly helps with improving the quality of the skin, giving the skin more glow as well as improving the pores and fine wrinkles of the face.

Though both filler and Prohilo derive from hyaluronic acid, the objective of Prohilo and filler is entirely differently.

Profhilo has also recently launched Profhilo Body that intervenes in the
physiological process of skin aging. It is specially designed for tissue remodeling and improvement in skin laxity of inner arms and abdomen.

Can Prohilo be done with other form of aesthetic treatments?

Yes, of course! Profhilo can be used on its own or in conjunction with other treatments like fillers, laser or Botox as a complementary add-on treatment. There is no conflict in using Prohilo with other aesthetic treatments.

There are also other treatments that The Clifford Clinic offers that can give you more glow to the face, besides Prohilo. There are various laser therapies that can be done to help enhance the glow of your face as well as to shrink pores.

Feel free to drop by the The Clifford Clinic to understand how else we can help you achieve your dream skin!

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