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HIFU Sygmalift vs Ultherapy: Small Difference, Huge Impact


HIFU Sygmalift vs Ultherapy: Small Difference, Huge Impact

Let’s make one thing clear: both Ultherapy and Sygmalift uses High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) technology, a revolutionary treatment for non-surgical facelifts in the world. Both treatments take pride in pushing the younger you from the past to the future. It can eliminate your wrinkles, lift sagging cheeks, and reduce your jowls.

However, there are differences between Ultherapy and HIFU Sygmalift that you should know about. These comparisons will help you, as the patient, in determining the right facelift for you.

Here are some of them:

HIFU Sygmalift is painless, Ultherapy isn’t

One of the most common complaints about Ultherapy is the discomfort. In fact, some Ultherapy patients say that they loved the result, but they won’t undergo the treatment again for that reason alone. They continue to look for painless alternatives such as the HIFU Sygmalift.

The HIFU Sygmalift is painless mainly because it uses fractionated HIFU. In fact, it is the first machine in the market to apply fractionated technology in HIFU. Traditional HIFUs like Ultherapy uses focused, large beams which cause pain when it starts penetrating the depths of the skin.

In HIFU Sygmalift, these beams are broken up into fractions. The fractional beams bypass the surface of the skin and penetrate at very precise depths.

In some instances, patients of the HIFU Sygmalift still feel a tolerable ache as the ultrasound works on the contours of the face. The patients with high pain tolerance don’t mind these stings which only lasts for a couple of seconds.

Sygmalift HIFU target the dermis, Ultherapy can extend slightly deeper onto the muscle

The Ultherapy patient experiences a pain as the heat penetrates the skin and slightly deeper to the muscle. This ultrasound energy stimulates the skin’s collagen production and results to a tighter and lifted skin.

On the other hand, HIFU Sygmalift targets the connective tissues and heats the dermis to stimulate the natural collagen production. It results to the same, long term tightening and lifting effect.

Both treatments are suitable for all skin types

A patient who would like to reverse their maturing skin will benefit from Ultherapy and HIFU Sygmalift.

Most patients of Ultherapy will see visible results after the first or second treatment. Normally, the doctor will advise the patient if he/she needs follow-up visits to maximise the results.

On the contrary, HIFU Sygmalift is better as a monthly anti-ageing maintenance. The patient can also use anti-ageing products with peptides that promote a healthy skin regeneration cycle.

Ask The Clifford Clinic for a personal skin assessment

To find out more about the HIFU Sygmalift skin tightening treatment, schedule your appointment with the Clifford Clinic. You can make an informed decision about the packages, costs, and the results you can expect for each.

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