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Regenera Activa Singapore

Regenera Activa Hair Transplant

Effective Hair Loss Solution in Singapore

Very often, hair loss occurs because of factors that are beyond our control, such as genetics, illness and hormonal issues. This results in hair that is brittle, damaged and prone to breakage – which eventually ends in hair loss. However, intervention is possible – with solutions including dietary supplements, scalp detox treatments, and seeking professional help for hair growth

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Regenera Activa is a new approach that relies on capillary regeneration technology in combating hair loss. Using the hair follicles from your own scalp to stimulate the regenerative process of renewing and growing new hair – patients are able to effectively combat, delay and prevent hair loss.

How it works is simply by extracting hair from the back of the head, mixing it with a potent solution, and then injecting it into the affected areas of the scalp. Regenera Activa is one of the safest and effective hair transplant procedures available in Singapore, and is a pain-free method to encourage hair growth. Essentially, Regenera Activa helps to activate dormant cells under the scalp – and reactivate your hair follicles.

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Regenera Activa is performed by first retrieving small skin samples from the back of the scalp. After which, the skin samples are clinically administered by the Regenera Activa device and divided into miniature and absorbable portions to be fused with a special solution. This solution is then injected into areas on the individual’s scalp currently facing hair loss – acting almost immediately to activate dormant hair follicles.

The entire treatment only takes about 30 – 45 minutes to complete, and only one session of Regenera Activa is needed to see results. This makes it one of the most cost-effective treatments available for combatting hair loss – with a general starting price of $3000. Not to worry, the treatment is carried out in our clinic using local anesthesia for minimal pain and discomfort.

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Regenera Activa performs with great results for both genders, and is advantageous for anyone looking to get a hair transplant done without going under the knife. Treatment can also be done for females thinking about, or are currently pregnant – as there is presently no side effects reported with the treatment.

In addition, Regenera Activa provides effective results for individuals who do not require a full hair transplant – and is only suffering from localized balding. Compared to traditional hair transplants, the price of Regenera in Singapore is considered to be extremely affordable, and is ideal for anyone with a tight cost budget.



Patients usually notice results within 30 days after starting treatment, with most resuming their daily activities almost immediately. By enabling the hair follicles to return back to its normal life cycle –  the density, thickness and quality of the hair is increased, with a significant improvement in the rate of hair loss.

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Hair transplant doctor, Gerard Ee

Dr. Gerard Ee

Dr. Gerard Ee is the founder and medical director of The Clifford Clinic. He is fully accredited in cosmetic treatments including fillers, Botox, light therapies, and more. Driven by his passion for sharing his expertise across the medical community, Dr. Ee has accumulated his surgical experiences internationally from working in the Mount Sinai Hospital in New York, National University Hospital (NUH), and Singapore General Hospital (SGH).

Dr. Chow Yuen Ho

Dr. Chow Yuen Ho is the founder and medical director of The Clifford Clinic. With over 10 years of clinical practice experience, the reputable aesthetic doctor specializes in non-invasive aesthetic and acne treatments. Dr. Chow has accomplished so much in this field. He served as the founding Director of Medical Informatics at SGH and then as the Managing Director of the Asian division of Alert Life Sciences Computing.

Hair transplant doctor, Chow Yuen Ho