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Laser Hair Treatment for Hair Growth

Laser Hair Treatment with the Fractionated Thulium Laser

Laser Hair Rejuvenation is a painless and effective way to create a fuller head of hair through laser therapy to revitalize and nourish hair follicles. Lasers have been used throughout aesthetic medicine for multiple purposes, and are shown to improve blood supply to hair follicles and improve growth factors. To understand how laser hair rejuvenation works, it is important to understand the life cycle of a hair follicle.

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The Phases of Hair Growth

PHASE 1 - Anagen (Growth Phase)

The anagen phase is a phase of active growth. The roots are dividing rapidly, adding to the hair shaft. Depending on genetics, this phase can last between 2-7 years and hair grows about 1cm every 28 days. At the end of the anagen phase, the hair goes into the catagen phase.

PHASE 2 - Catagen (Transitional Phase)

A short transitional phase that occurs at the end of the anagen phase which signals the end of active growth. This phase lasts about 2 – 3 weeks, and the hair converts to “club hair”. A club hair is formed when the section of hair follicle that is connected to the lower portion of the hair becomes attached to the hair shaft. This cuts off the blood supply to the hair and the cells that produce new hair. After the club hair is completely formed, the hair follicle enters the telogen phase.

PHASE 3 - Telogen (Resting Phase)

The telogen phase is the final resting phase of the hair follicle.Extreme stress can also subject up to 70% of hair to prematurely entering the telogen phase, resulting in a sudden and considerable loss of hair.  Hair does not grow during the telogen phase. These old hair will naturally shed or fall off, whilst combing or washing. The club hair in the telogen stage, is now a dead, fully keratinized hair. At the end of this phase, the new hair follicles re-enters the Anagen phase and new hair begins to grow.

How Laser Hair Treatment works

Laser Hair Rejuvenation  is a laser hair treatment that works by inducing the hair follicles to enter the anagen phase. The laser stimulates the scalp and creates growth of thicker, stronger hair than what the hair follicles could naturally generate on their own.

How soon will I be able to see results?

Results are expected to be seen within weeks!

Clinically & Scientifically Proven

At The Clifford Clinic, we take utmost care and concern over our patient’s safety. The Laser Hair Rejuvenation procedure has been thoroughly tested and

proven to be a safe and effective way to stimulate cellular metabolism, synthesising of protein and tissue regeneration, increasing blood flow to the hair follicles.

This procedure is backed by almost 18 years of clinical and scientific studies, with effective results of over 40 – 60% increase in hair density along with an impressive 85% success rate of halting the progression of hair loss.

Laser Hair Treatment - No adverse side effects, with remarkable results!

Laser Hair Treatment Benefits



Up to 45% increase in hair count

Healthier hair

Increases blood flow, nourishing cells

Protein synthesis

Regenerates Tissue

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Laser Hair Treatment FAQ

Yes, this treatment is suitable for all ages.

There is no downtime associated with this treatment, and once treatment is done, you can expect to return to your usual activities.

Yes, this treatment is a good treatment for patients who have found little success or are adverse to surgical procedures.

This is highly dependant on how well the treatment works for a patient. Every patient is different. Laser treatment for hair loss does not have any side-effects compared to medications, making it safer. It is best to consult with the qualified doctors at The Clifford Clinic, so you can be fully evaluated on what works best for you.

Laser Hair Treatment is useful only for early hair loss.  In cases of advanced hair loss, it may be more useful to have a hair transplant for better results.