Do you suffer from hair loss?  FUE is the Latest Technique for Treating Hair Loss. Hair loss is a very common problem.  A common misconception is that only men suffer from hair loss, but it has been well documented that many ladies also suffer from hair loss!

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What happens during hair loss is a miniaturization of the hair follicle due to reduction of blood supply to the follicle.

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There are many treatments for hair loss, but none is more definitive and has the highest success rate as a hair transplant.  Today, the most advanced technique used for hair transplant is known as Follicular Unit Extraction, or FUE in Singapore.

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About FUE

Follicular unit extraction (FUE), is a methods of obtaining follicular units, naturally occurring groups of one to four hairs for hair transplantation. In FUE harvesting, individual follicular units are extracted directly from the patient’s donor area, ideally one at a time. For the majority of FUE patients, the minimized appearance of scarring is the most important advantage over other hair transplant procedures, therefore, the patient can wear their hair short or shaved without worrying about noticeable scarring.

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FUE also typically has a shorter recovery time compared to other procedures. In fact, most FUE patients are back to their normal activities the day following their procedure. FUE also can be used to excise follicle units from other another area of the body. Hair transplants from the arms, legs, chest and back are sometimes the best and only option for certain patients, especially for those who have limited donor supply or poor quality of donor grafts.

Who Is Suitable for FUE Hair Transplant?

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Those who suffer from male pattern hair loss, also known as androgenetic alopecia (AGA), which is caused by hormones and genetic predisposition.

Those who suffer from female pattern hair loss;

People who want to enhance their eyebrow, beard or sideburn. People who have underlying illness that causes hair loss like cancer or chemo/radiotherapy, thyroid disease etc are not good candidates for FUE.

Why choose us?

With fully certified doctors and a team with many years of experience, we are proud to serve our patients with these unique advantages.

1) Micro-tips

During the procedure, thin micro-tips of  0.7 – 0.9 mm diameter are selected according to the condition of touch and the thickness of the hair roots, and these tips allow the hair to be removed as it is without damaging its hair roots and without disturbing its natural structure. By using these professional designed microsurgery equipment, the scalp is minimally affected and is preserved, resulting in almost imperceptible scars.   Postoperative pain is also decreased, with rapid recovery time, and the ability to get more grafts to meet the patient’s requirement.

2) Bio-solution

Storage of Hair Grafts outside of the body significantly impacts the success rate of procedures. Our doctors carefully select the most advanced bio-technology solution that offer the greatest level of protection and the lowest level of stress on the graft during its time outside of the body.

This reduced stress increases the probability for improved survival and growth of follicular units post-transplantation.

The special solution also provides nutrients to hair roots and stimulates the growth process of the cells, thus directly counteracting the degradative intra cellular processes. The combination ensures fresh hair roots which can adapt themselves to their new environment.

3) Dense-packing

We regularly meet patients who have uncertainty about the radically different information received from the various doctors they have consulted. This is certainly the case concerning the number of grafts to be transplanted and the intended coverage.

Generally speaking, the more, the better. Naturally a transplanted hair density of 60 transplant units per square cm works much better than say a density of 40 units with the same hair characteristics. So we provide “dense packing”, a thickening technique that can achieve very high density, creating a believably-natural frontal hair line.

We endeavour to achieve as high a density as possible in the hairline and the forward part of the head. This is a must in order to have good coverage to get a good visual result.  We generally recommend more hair roots than what other institutes recommend.

However, not very patient is a good candidate for dense packing, our doctors will only provide the honest and professional recommendation during the consultation.

Dense-packing hair transplant treatment is labour-intensive, requiring a great deal of time, patience, talent and experience from both the doctors and the surgical team.

4) Mega-session

FUE hair transplant mega-sessions refers to transplanting a large number of grafts (more than 3000 grafts) in a single session. This produces a a faster end result and the convenience of having an FUE hair transplant in a single session rather than over several sessions. It requires a truly experienced and trained TEAM of technicians as well as a meticulous doctor. We are one of very few clinics in the region that can provide this service.

At Clifford, we perform megasessions with great success due to our mastery using micro-sized openings, special implanting techniques, and experienced, well-organized FUE hair transplant surgical team and strict quality control.

When dense packing is combined with mega-sessions you have a formula for providing the greatest amount of hair, with the thickest possible result, with the greatest possible coverage, with the least amount of trauma to the skin, in the fewest number of procedures possible.

5) Body hair

Transplantation of body hair in to scalp is an option to treat extensive cases of baldness with poor donor scalp. We are able to recruit hairs from the beard and all over the body.  This vastly expands the donor pool and makes the maximal use of every follicular resource.

6) Unshaven-FUE. (Undetectable FUE)

Unshaven or Undetectable FUE, where hair is not shaved during the surgery. In the traditional FUE, all hair must be shaved to facilitate extraction and placement of grafts since most of the hair transplant surgery equipment only works with shaven hair. In U-FUE, only the grafts to be extracted are cut and extracted, while the rest of the untouched hair remains intact.  Also in the recipient area, recipient sites are made within the existing hair. When healing, scabs and redness can be hidden by the existing hair. This helps make the surgery undetectable since the rest of the hair can cover the traces of the surgery from being noticed.

The disadvantages are time, cost and less grafts transplanted. The work load involved in this surgery is exponentially more, so it will be more expensive and less grafts can be extracted per case.

7) Latest technology

We harness the latest technology to bring you the best outcomes.  We were the first doctors in Singapore to have the ARTAS hair transplantation robot, and have built on that experience to bring more reliable and consistently beautiful outcomes to you.

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Self-Assessment and Price List

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The price of FUE per graft is now SGD $5 per graft for 1500 grafts and above.  For Unshaven FUE and small cases < 1500 grafts, and for body hair transplant, the price may be slightly higher.  Call for an appointment and a formal assessment of your hair loss. Call us today at 65322400.

We Treasure Your Every Follicle!