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Hair Loss Treatment Singapore –
Hair Transplant Cost & Price

Hair Loss Treatment Singapore – Hair Transplant Cost & Price

Hair Transplant Singapore – Your Doctor Isn’t Telling You These 3 Essential Things!

Restoring your crowning glory is now more accessible and fuss-free for all those suffering from hair loss in Singapore.

If you have already done your research, you will know that hair transplants are not new in Singapore – with bleak statistics showing that two-thirds of men and a growing number of women will experience some form of hair loss before the age of 40.

While there are many different techniques and treatments available for hair restoration, hair transplants are currently the most effective solution in terms of its quick and noticeable results that offer a more permanent solution to the distressing problem.

However, if you are completely new to hair transplants, you might want to keep your eyes peeled – here are 3 of the most important facts that you need to know before signing up for treatment – some of which your doctor might not even tell you!

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Essential Fact No 1.

Survival Rate is More Important Than Number of Grafts Transplanted.

The most important element in hair transplants – “micro-grafts” are hair follicles that are extracted from the back of the scalp to be transported to areas that are currently experiencing hair loss.

As a result, you want to make sure that the grafts survive – seeing that it is a finite resource. The moment they don’t survive, there is no way to reverse the process, and they are essentially gone forever. In addition, low survival rates will lead to treated areas looking patchy and unnatural – a situation that you will want to avoid at all costs.

That being said, wasted grafts that don’t survive also increases your cost per (living) graft – the general price of an FUE hair transplant in Singapore can range from anywhere between $8,000 to $12,000, depending your specific hair condition. On average, the price per graft is about $5 for 1,500 grafts – so make sure that you make the best of it by choosing a great team – with a glowing track record of doing hair transplants.

Essential Fact No 2.

Latest Technology ≠ Better Results

How do we know this? Because at The Clifford Clinic, we have invested in the latest hair transplant technology there is to date. And while it’s better for business to tell our patients otherwise – even the most current technology has its limitations.

ARTAS is the robotic hair transplant system which was launched in Singapore in 2013. Being the first to purchase this system for use in our clinic – the robot proved to be a wonder, with great precision and results to show for it. It does not easily tire out, and is able to consistently provide high-quality grafts at a startling speed.

However, like any other treatment, it does come with certain downfalls. For example, certain types of scalp do not provide a good yield of quality grafts for our doctors to work with. In addition, the robot does not adapt well to certain areas, such as the sides of the head, and areas of the scalp that are too hard or too soft.

This is why at The Clifford Clinic, we offer a range of hair transplant solutions – such as the more traditional machine assisted FUE technique. It is non-robotic, but comes with great results and a much more affordable price-tag.

While it may be easier to assume that latest technology is always the best, it is worthwhile to consult with a knowledgeable and experienced doctor to come up with a customized plan for your specific condition.

This is what we do every day at our clinic, melding both traditional and modern techniques – and harnessing their best qualities in order to optimize results for our patients!

Essential Fact No 3.

Technician is King.

Hair transplants require a ton of teamwork as it involves an intricate surgery process. While the doctor is still the most important player in the team making the diagnosis and deciding on the treatment parameters – a large part of the surgery is performed by the hair transplant technicians.

Technicians come with varying degrees of experience. In general, it takes more than 500 cases for a good technician to pick up the intricate art of handling the grafts quickly and efficiently, making them extremely rare and hard to come by. Grafts tend to dry out and lose their viability very quickly once they are removed from the scalp – technicians need to be able to be delicate, precise and fast in order to avoid damage to the follicle.

Our current chief hair transplant technician has been in the line of hair transplantation for over 10 years. During this time, she has over 2000 satisfied patients, and is considered to be one of our greatest assets. She is both efficient and effective, and is more than familiar with the mechanics of transplantation – including all the techniques needed for the highest graft survival rate.

How Much Does a Hair Transplant Cost in Singapore?
The cost of a hair transplant largely depends on the patient’s current hair situation and diagnosis. On average, the price of a hair transplant in Singapore is $5 per graft for a 1500-graft case. Prices may be slightly higher for lesser quantities.

Key Takeaways
As doctors with more than 18 years of practice in Aesthetic Medicine – results are everything to us.

Other than maintaining transparency and open communication between us and our patients – we never fail to prioritize safety and professionalism in giving our patients the most comfortable, bespoke experience.

Entrust your hair to experienced professionals with over 18 years of experience in Aesthetic Medicine today. Call us now for a detailed explanation and analysis of your hair condition at (65) 6532 2400.

About the Team

Dr. Chow Yuen Ho is an ARTAS Certified Robotic Hair Restoration Surgeon and has been in the field of Aesthetic Medicine for over 10 years. Trained in Korea by renowned hair transplant surgeon and member of ISHRS, Dr. Bo Hyun Cho in FUE techniques, he later went on to develop skills in robotic hair restoration. He is both meticulous and motivated in delivering the best results for patients.

Dr Gerard Ee is an ARTAS Certified Robotic Hair Restoration Surgeon who has been in the field of Aesthetic Medicine for over 5 years. He is always actively developing new techniques and treatments for hair loss, with a constant thirst for new knowledge in hair restoration techniques.


Hair transplant can help your maintain a healthy head of hair for life provided that you take care of your existing and transplanted hair.

Even after a hair transplant, hair loss processes are still going on and you will need to take medication and supplements to control these processes. Hence, it is not uncommon for one to undergo 2 to 3 hair transplant procedures to continually restore their hair. You can reduce the likelihood of needing a follow-up session by taking good care of hair after the first transplantation.

You can see a noticeable increase in hair density immediately after the procedure. In the next few weeks, the transplanted follicles their existing hair from shock, which is perfectly normal. New hair will grow from these follicles over the next few months. It will typically take about a year for the most optimal results to show.

In most cases, more than 90% of the transplanted grafts survive. Our doctors will account for this when discussing with you the number of grafts required and planting density.

Unfortunately, we cannot transplant hair from another person as hair follicles are very delicate structure and will not survive the natural rejection reaction by the body.