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Getting To The Bottom Of Things: Do Pimple Patches Work?

Getting To The Bottom Of Things: Do Pimple Patches Work?

Getting To The Bottom Of Things: Do Pimple Patches Work?

The unfortunate truth is that acne affects more people than you’d imagine. Whether you’re dealing with hormonal breakouts or hereditary acne, these pesky pimples can be a cause of distress and low self-esteem.

Given the negative effects of acne on one’s mental and emotional well-being, it is unsurprising that many individuals turn to pimple patches – a product that promises instant remedy by minimizing the size and appearance of pimples. In fact, in recent years, pimple patches have been taking over the beauty industry by storm, with various videos on TikTok, YouTube and other social media platforms gaining traction.

However, does this all sound too good to be true? Do pimple patches truly work? Well, in this article, we delve deeper into exploring the effectiveness of pimple patches.

What are pimple patches?

Before we begin, let’s first understand what pimple patches are.

Pimple patches are translucent adhesive bandages made to wick away moisture and sebum from zits. These tiny stickers typically contain hydrocolloid, which combines with the oil and filth in the pimples to generate a gel when the patches are placed on them. Pimple patches also act as a shield for your pimples from infection and stop them from rupturing.

There are also medicated pimple patches that are infused with ingredients with medical properties, such as salicylic acid, tea tree oil, niacinamide and more. Generally, medicated pimple patches are used to treat nodular pimples as the ingredients used in the pimple patches specifically target inflammation and bacteria.

So, the question lies — do they actually work?

It is undeniable that pimple patches are able to provide some form of relief to pimples. However, only acne breakouts on the skin’s surface respond well to pimple patches.

Pimple patches may perform effectively against pimples filled with pus or are about to pop, but they are less effective against cystic or persistent acne. This is due to the patches’ limited penetration, which makes them solely functional on the surface. Additionally, pimple patches might not be good for those with sensitive skin due to the possibility of skin irritation from the adhesive, which could worsen the skin’s condition further.

The bottom line? While pimple patches may be excellent for treating individual active bumps, they are ineffective in treating and preventing acne issues from occurring again. Pimple patches are not a long-term fix because if the underlying problems are not addressed, acne issues will continue to persist.

It is only after addressing the root cause that acne can be effectively cured.

Fight acne by treating its root causes with The Clifford Clinic

Therefore, if you have persistent acne issues, instead of pimple patches, consider opting for an effective acne treatment in Singapore, such as the ones offered by The Clifford Clinic.

When you seek professional help, this can greatly lower the likelihood of aggravating the skin further and even scarring. Keep in mind that acne treatments also aid in pore cleaning, controlling sebum production, and reducing acne outbreaks altogether. In the long run, this solution is far more effective than choosing to reach for pimple patches!

Here at The Clifford Clinic, our seasoned and certified doctors have a wealth of experience under their belt in providing acne and acne scar treatments in Singapore. Say goodbye to acne for good as our professional doctors are equipped with the expertise and knowledge to treat and clear up your acne.

For those struggling with recurrent adult acne, we’d recommend you try out our AGNES Acne treatment. This effective treatment provides long-lasting and permanent results by going after the source of your acne problems.

Recurrent adult acne is usually caused by damaged pores. Whether it’s because of dietary changes, stress, or hormone changes, our skin’s oiliness varies from day to day. The increased flow of sebum is often too much for the damaged pores to handle, and they end up being clogged, which results in breakouts. With the AGNES Acne treatment, our doctors will be able to treat each and every one of the damaged pores on your skin with brief bursts of RF energy to reduce the oil glands. Researchers discovered that by specifically targeting these damaged pores, it was feasible to successfully treat over 83% of non-inflamed acne and over 93% of inflamed acne in 3 treatments over the course of a year! What’s more, for a full year following the final treatment, acne did not return.

Alternatively, you may also consider our Gold Photothermal Treatment (PTT) if you suffer from mild to cystic acne or have frequent acne breakouts. During the Gold PTT process, gold nanoparticles are injected into the pores and glands using a dermatological laser. By altering the oil-producing pores and glands that cause acne, targeted heating aims to treat the issue from the inside out.

For more information on our treatment or to book an appointment, feel free to contact us today – let us help you in your journey towards clear, spotless skin!