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Get rid of your eye bags permanently, with no surgery.

Get rid of your eye bags permanently, with no surgery.

Step 1:

The area to be treated is first anesthetized using local anesthesia. This ensures the entire area is completely numbed before the treatment begins.

Step 2:

Using the latest technological breakthrough device from Korea, we are able to selectively eliminate the deep fats below the eyes. The device utilizes insulated microneedles to target only the deep fats and strengthen the connective tissue below the eyes to reduce the size of the eyebag bulge. All this is achieved without having to cut or perform surgery.

Step 3:

When the treatment is completed, a second stage treatment is done to tighten the skin around the eyes. This reduces the wrinkles and fine lines around the area and helps to tighten the upper and lower eyelids.

Step 4:

The treatment is completed with an application of a lifting gel and eye cream, and application of a cold compress.

The main benefits of this treatment are that you will

  • look younger
  • look fresher and no longer tired
  • have less fine lines and wrinkles around the eye area.

So far, we have treated patients between 30 to 60 years of age, with good results. Patients are happy with the outcomes and have recommended their friends.