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Fight baldness with FUE!

Fight baldness with FUE!

Do you see thinning hair, receding hairlines, or bald spots? You’re not alone. Up to 40% of men experience early hair loss.  The good news is the advances in hair transplant technology has made it possible to correct this problem with natural looking results.

 FUE: the latest treatment for baldness

The Clifford Clinic offers FUE or Follicular Unit Extraction. The procedure involves removing hair follicles and then grafting them on to the section that is balding.

Unlike other hair transplants, FUE does not need to make incisions on the scalp to “harvest” the hair. Instead, it relocates entire follicular units individually, and then inserts them into previously incised grafting sites.

FUE has a high success rate, with an average of 80% to 90% of follicles re-growing in the targeted area.

FUE vs “natural” treatments for hair loss 

When people first notice the signs of balding or thinning hair, their first instinct is to “self-treat” with shampoos, oils or hair supplements.

These natural remedies can help make existing hair look thicker, healthier and shinier. They may also resolve some infections that cause temporary hair fall or hair loss.

However, natural remedies can’t address male or female pattern baldness. They can’t make hair “regrow” in a bald spot. And the longer you wait to treat this condition, the more difficult it will be to achieve the desired results. For FUE or any hair transplant to work, you need to have healthy and thick hair growth so these follicles can be harvested and redistributed to other areas. If you wait too long, you may no longer be a candidate for a FUE procedure.

Hair transplants are not as scary as they sound!

Some people delay getting hair restoration treatments because the word “transplant” sounds very intimidating. However, FUE is minimally invasive. There is no incision or bleeding, and the risk of infection is very low and usually caused by lifestyle factors like smoking.

It is also not as painful as you may imagine.  Any discomfort can be managed with numbing creams and painkillers. You will wear a bandage for one day, but after that you can go back to your regular activity.

Hair transplants will also look very natural. Nobody will know that you had one! The FUE procedure leaves no scars, and since you are using your own hairs any new growth will “blend” with the rest.

To find out more about the FUE hair transplant, schedule a personal consultation with Dr. Gerard Ee and The Clifford Clinic.  To get your one-on-one appointment, just call (65) 6532 2400 or send an email to You can also check their FAQ on hair transplants, based on the questions they have received from their patients.

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