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Facing The Challenges In Asian Skin & Acne: What To Do Next

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Facing The Challenges In Asian Skin & Acne: What To Do Next

Our ethnic origins influence the structure and way our skin looks. It has been well studied that there are numerous differences among various ethnic groups – which calls for a more adaptable and tailored approach to treating and caring for our skin.

While Asians are often envied upon for their fair skin, there are certain challenges that they face as well – which may make some of us more susceptible to experiencing acne.

Given that a staggering 41% of Asians are currently suffering from some sort of acne – if you are one of them, understanding your skin is the first step to sourcing out the best solution to achieving clear, smooth and flawless skin!

1. Asian skin is more sensitive and prone to irritation.

Research shows that Asian skin types tend to face more inflamed, acne-like papules or pimples; due to the fact that their skin is more easily irritated and sensitive to certain topical agents.

This makes them more reactive to both internal and external factors – completely disrupting the skin’s pH level; causing irritation and ultimately leading to inflammation and acne. In fact, a study conducted in Singapore showed Chinese patients being more readily irritated by retinoids than patients with Malay or Indian ethnicity.

While topical retinoids have been shown to be extremely effective in treating acne – it is critical to always first consider what you put on your skin. In this case, selecting an acne treatment that is effective yet gentle is pertinent, and this may mean seeking advice from an experienced doctor.

2. Asian skin scars more easily.

Unfortunately, Asian skin tends to be more genetically predisposed to scarring due to having a thinner stratum corneum (outermost layer of the skin) – which plays a key role in acting as a barrier to protect the underlying tissues.

Without a strong protective layer, the skin is more susceptible to damage – and since many acne patients do not seek help immediately, these keloids and bumps eventually end up as unsightly, harder-to-remove scars.

Scars can quickly become permanent, and certain types are harder to remove – thankfully, this challenge can easily be resolved by undergoing a robust acne scar treatment at our aesthetic clinic to tackle the root cause of acne!

3. Asian skin is oilier.

What doesn’t help those facing acne is the fact that Asian skin tends to be oiler, which is largely due to the presence of more sebaceous glands that produces oil. In addition, those staying in warmer climates tend to produce excess sebum, which increases the likelihood of pores that are clogged – a major determining factor of acne breakouts and flare-ups.

In combination with having skin that scars more easily – treating acne upon its onset can be helpful in preventing scarring in the first place.

4. Asian skin often faces more hyperpigmentation issues.

The talk about applying sunscreen religiously is even more important for Asian skin, as research has indicated that Asians have more of the pigment melanin – meaning to say that they are more prone to hyperpigmentation conditions, including melasma, freckles and age spots.

Now that we know that Asian skin tends to be oilier, it is easy to imagine that inflammation occurs more frequently as well – which leads to hyperpigmentation issues such as post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH); appearing as small dark spots or large patches after a skin injury.

Taking a look at the bigger picture, it is ultimately the combination of all the above-mentioned factors that poses a real challenge to treating acne in Asian skin.

While studies have shown Asian skin to be the most prone to inflammation and scarring – this is not to say that other skin types can take a backseat when it comes to tackling acne.

In fact, acne is prominent regardless of skin type – both you and your doctor need to be proactive in taking the appropriate steps to get your skin back to tip-top condition.

At The Clifford Clinic, we offer a wide range of acne treatments that cater to a wide range of skin types and conditions. We prefer to use a combination treatment to treat acne, as we understand that it often comes in various forms at different stages. We offer facials, chemical peels and even acne laser treatment, including the powerful Edge Fractional CO2, which has been shown to be highly effective on Asian skin!

Acne scar removal is also one of our signature treatments, and with a decade’s worth of combined experience – consult our doctors today to get started!