For Women Who Wish To Eliminate Sagging Skin, Lines, or Wrinkles On Your Face… Without Undergoing Surgery

• Unfortunately, growing older inevitably results in our skin losing its firmness and volume.

This leads to a tired-looking face riddled with wrinkles and sagging skin. Your self-confidence takes a hit as you start to realize you’re getting older and have lost your youthful glow.

You desperately want to have firmer, and more lifted skin so you can regain your confidence and youth. But maybe you don’t want to go through surgery to get the results you desire.

Good news. It’s now possible with a procedure called Silhouette Thread Lift.

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Thread Face Lift

What is Silhouette Threadlift?

Aging causes laxity and volume loss in our soft tissues, which results in the visible sagging of skin, deepened nasolabial folds, jowl formation, and overall “droopy” facial appearance. Available in The Clifford Clinic in Singapore, this face thread lift is offered as a less invasive face lifting procedure alternative without the surgical risks and downtime associated with a traditional face lift.

Silhouette Thread Lift involves very fine surgical sutures to be inserted into the soft tissues of the face in order to gently lift and support sagging areas for a more rejuvenated and lifted look. The process helps to reduce jowl formation along the jawline, raise the outer brow area, and reduce sagging in the nasolabial folds and cheeks. Patients will achieve a re-tightening effect which redefines facial contours with a naturally rejuvenated look.

How does the treatment procedure work?

The procedure uses dissolvable threads as a double action effect to reposition the tissue and gradual regeneration of collagen, which helps to restore shapeliness to the face and neck, for a more youthful look. They are placed in the subcutaneous fat layer beneath the skin where the lifting is required, with slight pressure over the treated areas to compress the skin and achieve immediate skin tightening. As the inserted threads have excellent biocompatability and are fully dissolvable by the body, there is no need to remove them. The lifting effect is immediate and discreet due to the compression and elevation of skin once the suture is applied.

It can be used to treat different parts of the face such as lower jaw, cheeks and cheekbones, facial contour, eyebrows and neck. This technique was developed as a safer, minimally invasive and cost-effective way to combat aging and sagging skin. Depending on the lift you desire, 1-4 Silhouette threads may be placed per area. Our doctors at The Clifford Clinic in Singapore are highly trained and experienced to carry out this face thread lift procedure with the proper insertion techniques so you can benefit from its efficacy and achieve your desired look.

What kind of results can I expect?

If you want to eliminate sagging skin, aging lines, or wrinkles, without going through surgery, then our Silhouette Thread Lift treatment was made for you. It is a treatment suitable for all skin types, with immediate lifting of the face and natural-looking results. You will still look like yourself, but with firmer skin as your aging lines and wrinkles will diminish. It gives an age-reversing effect so you will look younger and more refreshed. The result is also followed by gradual collagen regeneration over the next 3 to 6 months to improve fine lines, facial contours and skin texture, giving your skin more elasticity.
Face Thread Lift Singapore

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How long will my results last?

The duration of results varies with individuals. In general, most patients experience a firmer, more youthful looking appearance for 1 to 2 years. If necessary, a simple re-tightening procedure can help to extend and maintain your new appearance even longer.

Is there any downtime?

The face thread lift procedure is highly less invasive than traditional face lift surgeries with lower cost, and has minimal to no downtime. Patients can expect to face slight soreness and swelling, but are normally able resume their normal activities almost immediately.

How long does the procedure take? Is it painful?

It takes about one hour to complete, and is done under local anaesthesia in a comfortable environment. Pain is minimal, as it does not involve any cutting of the skin.

Will everyone see results?

Approximately 5% of patients might not respond to the procedure if they are unable to sufficiently produce enough deep collagen, which is necessary as it restores loss volume and fills up the skin to tighten, lift, and achieve a more even skin texture. In this case, our doctors will advise and substitute a different treatment for you instead.

Face Thread Lift in Singapore

A Proven and Safe Procedure Performed over 25,000 times in over 55 countries Worldwide with Amazing Results

The procedure has been performed over 25,000 times in over 55 countries worldwide, and is cleared by
the US FDA and CE marked in Europe. At Clifford Clinic, we only use licensed medical and nursing professionals, who have been through in-depth training and have the knowledge to make your treatment a success and provide a natural age-reversing result. Reveal a more youthful and rejuvenated skin with The Clifford Clinic.

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The Doctors at the Clifford clinic has over 10 years of experience in aesthetic surgery procedures. Rest assured that you are in safe hands. We have hundreds of patients just like you who came to us, all leaving satisfied and happy with their results.

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