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MINT Thread Lift: Create a Youthful Framework for Your Face

MINT (Minimally Invasive Non-Surgical Threads) is an anti-aging procedure that is made from sterile and biodegradable PDO (Polydioxanone) threads.

As we approach the inevitable aging process, the fat and skin on our faces sag due to gravitational forces and the loss of collagen and elastin – two very important supporting structures in our skin.

Quickly becoming the go-to anti-ageing treatment that is ideal for facial lifting and rejuvenation without surgery – facial thread lifts help restore sagging facial tissues using special threads that have barbed hooks on them; “anchoring” them on specific points in the skin to lift and tighten skin tissues, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, and promote skin rejuvenation.

When face thread lift was first introduced in the late 1990s, it was made of non-absorbable threads which were prone to infection and thread breakage. However, due to technological advancements and stringent regulations from the FDA – the emergence of newer, dissolvable threads promises much safer and potent results than before!

Introducing: MINT thread lift for a youthful, defined face

Originating from South Korea, MINT threads are the only PDO threads that has been registered with the FDA since 2012, and is now considered to be the gold standard in Korea.

Also known as the Korean facelift, MINT is designed for lifting the midface, lower face and jawline – instantly elevating and tightening sagging skin. In addition, the threads stimulate the natural production of collagen in our skin, replacing damaged and lost support structures in the skin. This 2-pronged approach gives MINT thread lift both immediate and long-term lifting effects.

Introduced into the deep layers of the skin via a blunt cannula, the absorbable threads feature a patented molding press technology and unique 360-degree helical barb design to achieve more powerful, longer-lasting results than other threads on the market.

Due to the versatility of these threads, doctors are able to conduct highly-customized treatments for a transformative improvement in their patients! In fact, results are so natural-looking that no one has to know that you got anything done!

What makes MINT different?

The 3 most commonly used threads in the market to date are PDO (Polydioxanone), PCL (Polycaprolactone infused with Vitamin C) and PLLA (Poly-L-Lactic Acid).

PLLA is the most frequently used material by far, and although all these threads are made with bio-stimulatory properties that work to stimulate collagen production and tissue regeneration within the skin – each of them comes with a distinct set of characteristics that bring entirely different results.

There are 2 main types of threads available, i.e., cutting and molded threads. The former usually results in weak, flimsy barbs and a thinner core. MINT threads belong to the latter, which have both thicker cores and sturdier barbs, making them much more durable and less likely to break after the procedure.

What makes MINT threads truly standout is due to 2 key features:

• Patented 360-Degree Rotating Arrows: the barbs exist in all directions along the thread, allowing it to retain its shape long after the procedure. This also gives it 3 X more fixating power for more secure anchoring of skin tissues.

• 3D Molded Barbs: shaped like an arrow and arranged in a helical configuration, tconfiguration, these barbs have larger surface area, allowing the threads to better hook onto the skin, providing strong, long-lasting lifting power.

MINT thread lift at The Clifford Clinic

The secret to a beautiful, proportionate and vibrant face is that threads MUST be securely anchored to the appropriate fixed points. Depending on the type and number of threads used, as well as your overall skin quality to start with, all these factors will work together to determine how your results turn out.

At the end of the day, it is important that you get your thread lift procedure done with professional, highly-experienced doctors. Placing threads that are far too shallow or too deep in the skin can both cause problems – and it takes a doctor who is exceptionally familiar with facial anatomy to decrease the chances of permanent surface irregularities.

At The Clifford Clinic, our doctors are well-trained to execute the right techniques needed to pull off the delicate thread lift procedure with a wide variety of patients and skin types. You can also consider complementing your procedure with other skin rejuvenating treatments, including HIFU and Secret RF to maintain and accelerate your results and instantly take years off your face and age! 

The different uses of MINT thread lift

As mentioned, MINT threads are very versatile, allowing our doctors to perform highly-customised procedures for every individual. Here are some examples on how MINT threads can be used in different ways.

  • Mid-Face Lift

In this case, two or more threads are inserted in front of the ears below the temples, and the exit points will lie from the corner of the mouth to the edge of the lower jaw. After the threads are inserted, the doctors will gently pull the threads in the desired direction of lifting and carefully mold the threads into place. This approach will effectively lift the mid-face area from the temples across the cheeks to the lower jaw, reducing saggy cheeks and the appearance of jowls.

  • Mid-Face contouring

Mid-Face contouring involves using MINT threads to subtly shape the angles of your jawline. The MINT threads are inserted at the corner of the mandible in 2 different directions: Along the lower jawline to the chin, and upwards towards the temple. Unlike the Mid-Face Lift which is strictly for lifting facial tissue upwards, Mid-Face contouring is designed for our doctors to fine-tune the appearance of your mid-face region

  • Neck Lift

For the Neck lift, the MINT threads are inserted at the tip of the chin, and goes across the edge of the lower jaw to exit at the corner of the mandible. As the name suggests, a thread lift at this location can significantly improve the contours of the neck by lifting loose and sagging skin.


 1. What is a typical procedure like?

First, a local anaesthetic is injected to numb the treatment areas. Our doctors will then mark the specific entry sites and the direction of the lift. Threads are then inserted into the skin via a tiny needle into the entry points so that the doctor can reshape and lift the skin accordingly, before finally dressing the incision site.

2. Is it painful?

A local anaesthetic is applied before the treatment to minimise pain and ensure the procedure is as comfortable as possible.

3. How long is the treatment?

The treatment typically lasts from 30 to 60 minutes, depending on the intended results and number of threads inserted.

4. How much is the MINT thread lift procedure?

The cost of MINT thread lift in Singapore is dependent on the number of threads required.

Thread lifts are considered to be the more affordable option for a facelift, as compared to getting surgery done.

 5. What are the side effects?

MINT thread lift is considered to be a minimally-invasive treatment with no downtime, so you can expect only mild bruising and swelling that will subside within the first few days. Since the threads are non-allergic and non-antigenic, this allows us to conduct a safe and reliable procedure for all our patients.

While dimpling and puckering of the skin can occur, thread lift treatment is designed to be a relatively simple, safe and effective procedure when done with the right professional.

After the procedure, patients are able to continue on with their daily activities, although smoking, drinking and intensive exercise should be avoided for the first few weeks.

6. Who are the best candidates for MINT?

The best candidates for the MINT thread lift procedure are those aged between 30 – 50 facing mild-to-moderate facial laxity – although it is not solely restricted to this range.

During your consultation, our doctors will first access your skin and then recommend the best solution to achieve your desired results.

 7. What are the results?

After your treatment session, the threads will be naturally dissolved in the body over the next 3 – 6 months, stimulating collagen production in the body to improve your overall skin texture.

While you can notice lifting results immediately, the full results are usually noticed only around 6 – 12 weeks after your initial session.

Results from the treatment can last you up to 1 – 2 years, which means that maintenance treatments will be required in order to achieve permanent results.