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Gain Fuller Eyebrows: FUE Hair Transplant for Eyebrows

The eyes are one of the most prominent features on the face. Having defined, symmetric eyebrows can accentuate the eyes significantly and is generally considered an attractive facial feature However, some people may have thinner eyebrows than they may like, or their eyebrows may be asymmetric.

If you are dissatisfied with your thin or asymmetric eyebrows, you can consider Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) hair transplant for your eyebrows in Singapore to permanently enhance them. This involves transplanting healthy hair follicles from other parts of the body to the eyebrows, thickening them or altering their shape.

Eyebrow hair transplant is essentially just FUE hair transplant but performed on the eyebrows. Similarly, hair follicular units are extracted from the back of the head, which are the least prone to hair loss. However, eyebrow hair transplant utilises exclusively single follicle grafts (“Singles”), a graft with only one strand of hair in it.


Just before the transplant, our doctor will assess your condition and make some markings in the shape of your new brow to guide the transplant.

Hair from the donor area will then be harvested by skilled technicians. The extracted grafts and carefully examined and trimmed if necessary. The technicians will then implant the grafts in a suitable orientation for the most natural results.

FUE eyebrow hair transplants typically require between 100 to 200 grafts, depending on the density of your existing brows and the desired result. The whole procedure will take about 3 to 4 hours.

The whole procedure will be performed under local anaesthesia so there will be minimal to no pain felt, except when injecting the anaesthesia.

Important notes on eyebrow FUE transplant

  • As will all other types of hair transplant, it is likely that not all of the transplanted grafts will survive. However, most of the grafts will and most patients are satisfied with the final results. Only a handful require a few more grafts for some fine adjustments after about a year.
  • The transplanted hair will take on the characteristics of the donor hair, such as texture, colour and growth rate. Hence, your newly transplanted brows may require more grooming and maintenance. However, most patients find this of little concern as they are often satisfied with the final result of the transplant.


How long will the procedure take?

Eyebrow hair transplant takes about 3 to 4 hours to complete, depending on the number of grafts needed.

Is the procedure painful?

Local anaesthesia will be administered for the procedure so there will be minimal pain and discomfort. The area around the eyes may feel sore for a couple of days post-procedure.

Our doctors will also prescribe painkillers to help ease any discomfort you may have after the procedure.

What is the downtime?

The downtime of FUE eyebrow hair transplant is about 5 to 7 days. The area around the eyes will swell for about a day after the procedure. The swelling will then subside to bruising and redness for about 4 to 6 days. Scabs from the wound will also dry up and shed naturally during this time.

Most patients are able to resume daily activities about 5 days after their procedure.

When will the results show?

Transplanted hair will usually grow starting 4 months after the procedure and achieve the best results in about 1 year.

It is normal for transplanted hair to shed within the first 4 months after the procedure from transplant shock. You need not be alarmed as this should not affect your existing eyebrows.

My hairs are naturally coarse/curly, is eye brow transplant still possible for me?

Yes, even though the transplanted eyebrows will take on the properties of the donor hair, there will be no issue as long as you put in effort to trim and groom them regularly.

For those with coarse hair, we will only transplant the finest hairs to ensure the most natural-looking results.

For curly hair, we will plant the donor hair at a suitable angle such that the hair shaft will grow in the most natural direction before it curls.

Can I transplant hair from someone else?

Unfortunately, hair follicles cannot be grafted from one person to another, even if there is a willing donor. They are delicate structures that cannot survive being grafted to a foreign body.