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Behind The Scenes With Eczema: A Common Flare-up On The Skin

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Behind The Scenes With Eczema: A Common Flare-up On The Skin

Eczema, otherwise known as atopic dermatitis, is an inflammatory skin disease that makes the skin red and itchy. It is chronic and can flare periodically, regardless of whether or not there is a trigger.

Although there is no definite cure to eczema, good control of eczema and alleviation of symptoms can be achieved. However, even if you manage to get eczema under control, there are often pigments (red or dark-coloured) left behind in the areas where the eczema was at. These pigments can be aesthetically unpleasing to some of the patients and often lead to a loss of confidence or embarrassment in social situations.

Treating Eczema @ The Clifford Clinic

Eczematous skin tends to be dry and lacks hydration due to the diminished protective barrier of the skin during eczema flares. With dryness, the skin tends to crack and patients tend to experience pain as a result. Therefore, topical moisturising cream is usually prescribed, on top of topical steroid cream.

At our aesthetic clinic, we present a comprehensive range of treatments to control eczema. Not only do our treatments help to alleviate and manage symptoms, but they can also improve any pigmentation left behind once eczema becomes better controlled.

One of the ways we do this is to prescribe a steroid cream. Steroid cream works by reducing the inflammation of the skin, and they come in varying strengths to treat different locations on the body depending on the severity of your condition. A short course of oral steroids can also be prescribed to control the symptoms of a severe eczema flare.

In addition to steroids, we have other treatment modalities available to better treat and control the aftereffects of eczema. This is because besides addressing the inflammatory nature of eczema, we also have to address the hydration status of the skin.

In this case, we offer the Bellasonic Ultrasound system that can help to deliver more moisture into the skin while also improving overall blood circulation. Alternatively, skinboosters with Restylane can also be used to enhance the hydration of not just the face, but also sensitive areas like the neck and hands to improve overall skin texture and elasticity!

For people who prefer laser-based treatments, our aesthetic doctors can utilise pigment lasers such as the Q-switch laser to address the dark-coloured pigments, also known as post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, that comes on the skin after eczema has resolved.

According to one study1, using a pulsed-dye laser (PDL) has been proven effective in eradicating red pigments in various inflammatory skin diseases including eczema and acne without any adverse side effects. Furthermore, another study also showed PDL treatment as effective in treating small areas of chronic localized eczema2.

At The Clifford Clinic, our doctors are dedicated to resolving all your concerns from head to toe. From acne treatments to hair transplants, arrange a consultation with us to get started on your personalised treatment and take control of your eczema today!